Tackle the stains of summer with BISSELL’s Oxy Stain Destroyer

With the summer holidays in full swing, six whole weeks of trying to keep the kids entertained whilst making sure the house stays stain-free can prove difficult. The summer break welcomes multiple stains from the bottom of shoes, over the walls and across the sofa. I’ve written a list of my five top stains this summer, which are usually a nightmare to get out.

Bissell Oxy Stain Destroyer

  1. Water-based paint

Just because it’s technically summer it doesn’t mean we’ll be blessed with blue skies which means that there will probably be more than one occasion when you need to dig out the arts and crafts box and let the kids get creative.

  1. Grass and mud

As soon as the sun begins to shine you can finally enjoy some me time as the kids fill their lungs with fresh air out in the garden or local park. However, no matter how hard you try someone always manages to tread grass and mud into the carpet.

  1. Blood

A game of catch or a bike ride in the local park is the epitome of a British summer. This means scraped knees and elbows are part of the inevitable, so don’t let that smear of blood on the sofa be a constant reminder of your little one’s latest accident.

  1. Ice cream and lollies

Children often struggle with ice cream and lollies and it’s not long before they’re dripping down their hands and onto your lovely carpet or sofa. Not such an issue if it’s a Mr. Whippy but if it’s a raspberry lolly you could be left with a nasty stain.

  1. Red wine

The children are finally in bed and that means it’s time for you to enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine, but at the end of the day when you’re tired and trying to relax spills can happen which can leave you one of the worst stains to try and remove.

To help combat these nightmare stains, BISSELL’s Oxy Stain Destroyer offers a quick and easy way to remove smaller sudden and built-in stains, so you needn’t worry even if you find a stain a few days or weeks later!

Simply spray the Oxy Stain Destroyer directly on to the stain to  experience visible results in just 30 seconds* thanks to the Stainlift technology™ which targets the source of the stain to shift, lift and remove deeply embedded dirt and odours whilst the Oxy stain destroyers continue to work hard until the stain is gone.

So, if you’re carpets and upholstery are looking particularly dirty, arm yourself post-summer holidays, pick up an Oxy Stain Destroyer at Bisselldirect.co.uk,Amazon, QVC and Lakeland for RRP £12.99.

*tomato sauce, salad dressing, dirty motor oil, vegetable oil, red wine, food grease, blood, pet stains, coffee, mud, dirt, cola, tea, fruit juice and more

2 thoughts on “Tackle the stains of summer with BISSELL’s Oxy Stain Destroyer”

  1. What would be your recommendation for chocolate and ketchup in a fabric couch?

    I used some stain remover, (I’ll have to look for the brand I used later). I tested it on a patch and all looked good, then I did the stains and I have a massive ring around each stain and the stain is till there 🙁

    • The oxy stain destroyer should get that out. It sounds like it’s left a chemical stain from the original stain remover – You have to be so careful what you put on fabrics.
      Ketchup can definitely be removed by the Oxy Stain Destroyer Foam so it’s worth trying it on chocolate too.

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