Bingo! Mummy will stay-in today…

Phew, it’s one of those days, when you just want to lie down and forget all your worries for a moment. I know time is passing so quickly when I see my little kids growing up. I feel that their body is going through a sudden spurt and maybe they will start going to college soon. Aren’t there moments where you could say out aloud “Bah Humbug” but don’t let Grinch steal your Christmas! Mummies, it’s that time of the year where you feel like having 10 hands an 10 legs to do all your work. The house should be tidy and everything should be spick and span. Oh, the Christmas presents shopping and your kids writing to Santa.

Santa via Shutterstock

Today, after all my chores and shopping that lasted me a week, I decided to call a day in. Yep, Mummy is staying in today and just relax. As usual I browse through my favourite online shopping sites and DIY ones. As I keep scrolling and I hit Bingo. I like to play bingo with no deposit required and voila I get £15 free on just registering with this site. I am talking about New Look Bingo, a site which got my attention due to it’s mobile platform. I can pre-buy bingo tickets and keep playing there even if am busy doing some other important tasks.


Moreover, if you are looking games apart from bingo, then you could try out the casino games. They have scratch-cards, slots, poker and more. Plus, check out their daily, weekly and monthly promotions and jackpots. I wish my heart could sing like those wee winners when they crack the jackpot. You know, how we mummies love cashback, they even provide cashback on few of their slot games. So watch out for these fun games along with some fun chit-chats in the chat rooms. So, let’s have some good play sessions. Now, which will be my next bingo room to play…

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