Beauty prep for your summer holiday

Beauty prep for your summer holiday

Now that you’ve toiled over where to go, booked your flights, and chosen your accommodation, the holiday excitement is probably starting to kick in. Don’t just sit around and wait, fill your time with beauty prep, allowing you to get the perfect holiday skin.

Beauty prep for your summer holiday


Like any other time, the first step in your holiday pampering sesh is exfoliation. Start by dry body brushing that will buffer your skin and remove the appearance of cellulite before using a body scrub in the bath or shower that will help to remove dead skin cells.

Add more moisturiser

If you’re going somewhere warm, you’ll be encountering two of the main culprits of dehydrated skin: sunlight and humidity. Regular moisturising before your holiday will give you a head start on achieving that coveted holiday glow, especially if you drink enough water too. A good moisturiser can also help to prolong your natural tan so make sure you apply aftersun when you’ve been soaking up the rays.


Removing any unwanted hair before you jet off may be one of the most taxing parts of your beauty prep but if you don’t want to shave every few days while you’re away, opt for waxing or epilating beforehand. These methods may take a little more time but a lot more beneficial, giving you around four weeks of smoothness. Remember you’ll need to wait for any redness to go down (especially if you have sensitive skin) so don’t leave it until the very last minute.

Pamper your feet

Summer holidays call for bare feet and sandals, but if your heels are still recovering from the winter, then you’ll want to give them some TLC. Try an intensive foot sock treatment, or if you don’t have time, an electronic foot file should remove all of the dead skin so that your feet are ready for moisturiser.

Build up your tan

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No one wants to hit the beach with milk bottle legs. Gradually build up your tan a few weeks before you go with a natural fake tan. Of course, it’s vital to remember that you can still tan through a fake tan, so it’s still necessary to apply SPF lotion to stay protected from the sun.

Top up your vitamins

Glowing skin isn’t all about what you do on the outside; you can glow from the inside out by watching what you eat in the lead up to your holiday. Ditch the Friday night takeouts, weekend drinks, and fatty snacks in favour of smoothies packed with plenty of fruit and veg. Trust us; it’ll be worth it when you can go for the no makeup, makeup trend while you’re away. Plus, you can always indulge a little while you’re there.

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