Beanie Boy has a new play thing!

Mummy Matters I wonder just how many parents who clicked on the link to this post knew where it was going? Beanie Boy turned 1 just a few short weeks ago and has started grabbing his Teenie Beanie the second his nappy comes off. Nothing unusual there I suppose, he has been doing that since he has had vague control of his arms but now when he grabs it, he laughs his little head off! He looks at me at me with a really cheeky smile and holds onto it for dear life.

This morning in the bath he kept pushing it under the water and stretching it as far as he could then laughing out loud, what is it with boys and their bits? I know this is just the start of a long and loving relationship but really? I thought I had a little bit more time before Teanie Beanie became his best friend!

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