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I have a confession to make, I’m a bit of a hoarder! I still have every birthday card, Christmas card, good luck card and any other card that has ever been sent to me, I just can’t bear to part with them. And now this has continued to my children’s cards and sentimental pieces. In fact I’m such a sentimental old fool, pretty much everything my children have ever touched has special meaning to me and I struggle to part with it but there are certain things which need keeping somewhere a bit more special than a tatty shoe box so I whooped with delight when I was offered the opportunity to review the beautiful Keepsake Boxes by Freya Designs.

Freya Designs

The hard part was choosing just one box as all the designs are gorgeous but I decided that since most products I review tend to fall into Little Bean’s lap I would choose something for Beanie Boy, especially since I haven’t yet found a suitable shoe box to store all his special things in. I chose the Noah’s Ark design because he has a few bits and pieces with a Noah’s Ark theme already so this would be perfect.

Freya Designs

When the box arrived I couldn’t have been happier, it feels so smooth and luxurious to the touch. No rough edges, no sharp corners and the Noah’s Ark characters are gorgeous. I love the hinges and the box clasp which haven’t just been slapped on as you see on so many of these types of box. It is clear to see that each box has been lovingly made with care and attention to detail.

Freya Designs

Unfortunately my head was full of cold when I ordered the Keepsake Box and so I forgot to add the personalised details. A plaque can be placed on the box with baby’s name and date of birth which just adds to how special the Keepsake Box is. This is something I would definitely consider buying in the future as a gift for a baby’s birth, Christening or 1st Birthday.

Freya Designs

The Keepsake Boxes aren’t just for babies though, you can buy one for any person of any age, for just about any reason. When we got married we had asked for money as a gift instead of having a gift list and so we wanted a special box to place on a table for people to place their cards and gifts in, something like this would have been perfect.

There are money boxes, trinket boxes, door signs, sewing boxes and they will even tailor make something for you if you have a design in mind, to find out more about Freya Designs just click on the logo below


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