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5 Second Rule I’ve always been a fan of board games, I remember many a fun night spent around at our friend’s houses laughing out loud at some of the games that we played and the pickles we got our brains into. Wednesday night is Curly’s weekday night at our house and we always used to spend the evening playing board games as this was a perfect way for us to spend fun quality time together. Occasionally we get Little Bean involved but sometimes it just doesn’t work as she hasn’t yet built up the patience for some games. I like games for Curly which stretch his mind a little, he is a bright boy but he keeps so much locked in his head, games like this are great for getting him to speak out.

5 Second Rule 5 Second Rule is a new board game for fast thinking and quick talking. This game is perfect for all those people who sit at home shouting at the TV when a contestant isn’t quite getting it on a game show. Can you name 3 yellow things? Sure you can – but can you do it in 5 seconds? How about 3 things you can brush? Come on you’ve only got the time it takes for the balls to get to the bottom of the timer which, incidentally, is only 5 seconds and it’s surprising how quickly that time goes and how pressured you feel. Want a tip from me? Don’t watch the timer, it messes with your brain and distracts you from finding your answers.

Curly thinks this game is hilarious because we all get very loud and very jumpy when we are playing it (so we have to wait until the tiddlers have been asleep for a little while before commencing game play! The answers are always on the tip of your tongue but they don’t always make it out of your mouth until your 5 Seconds are up. If you don’t manage to get your answers out then game play passes to one of your opponents but they have to provide totally different answers. There are Pass On and Switch Zones cards are on the board to help you but beware of the Danger Zones, land on those and you miss a turn.

5 Second Rule is suitable for players aged 8 and over and will definitely be making appearances in our house over the Christmas period, what better way to liven everyone up after too much turkey?

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