Bathrooms of the world: Innovative renovation inspiration from around the globe

Designing your new bathroom is an exciting task. People have long placed great pride and importance on the position of the bathroom within their home. However, it can sometimes be a little difficult to find the bathroom renovation inspiration to create that perfect space. Looking around the world can be the perfect way to give you ideas on how to style your bathroom.

Turkish bath-houses

Turkish Bath-house
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Turkish bath-houses are said to derive from the Roman bath-houses that were once common throughout Anatolia. They differ from their Russian “banya” counterparts in that they focus on water rather than steam. In Victorian Britain, these bath-houses took on a Western twist. Hundreds opened throughout the island in the 19th century. With intricate designs and beautiful inlays, it’s easy to see why Turkish influence perpetuates in modern bathroom design today.

Finnish saunas

Finnish sauna
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The Danish and Norwegian concept of hygge has been a bit of a buzzword in the living room and kitchen design of late. However, for bathroom inspiration, it’s best to turn to their nordic neighbour, Finland. The country has a long tradition of steam saunas or “löyly”. In fact, the concept is so ingrained in Finnish culture that there is even a sauna at the national parliament building in Helsinki. The Finns don’t take it easy on their heat either – most saunas range from 80 – 90 degrees Celsius and the Finnish Sauna Society recommends a maximum temperature of 100 degrees! The beautiful cabin-like structures, with panels of pristine wood, provide the perfect inspiration for those who imagine a cosy, “winter-nights” concept for their bathroom renovation.

Icelandic hot springs

Icelandic hot spring
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From the Baltic Sea to the north Atlantic; Iceland is another country with a serious history of bathing culture. The milky light-blue waters of Iceland’s hot springs are synonymous with relaxation and cleansing. Some of the most famous examples of Icelandic geothermal springs date back as far as the 12th century. Snorralaug is one such spring and it has the added distinction of being mentioned in the writings of Snorri Sturluson, a famous Icelandic poet, historian and politician. In fact, Snorri loved the geothermal waters so much that he had a tunnel built directly from his house to the spring’s edge. The pristine natural surroundings and simple aesthetics lend themselves to more minimalist design inspiration. Think slate tiling and sparse, sleek furnishings. It’s easy to see why design aficionados want to capture the zen-like peacefulness of the springs and the encapsulating, windswept surroundings that they inhabit.

Indian ritual bathhouses, cleansing the body, soul and mind

Innovative renovation inspiration for bathrooms
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Similarly, a sense of peace, calm and both mental and physical well-being are essential elements of traditional Indian bathing rituals. Indian bathhouses, that have their routes in the Central Asian Hamman, are intricately designed, with beautiful flowing patterns, all intended to create conditions conducive to the cleansing of both the mind and body. Whilst it would be a folly to try and replicate the conditions of revered sites of cleansing and recuperation, many people are inspired to approach their bathroom renovation with a more holistic approach.

A world of inspiration

Looking around the world is a fascinating way to gain inspiration for your design project. Different cultures offer unique perspectives and approaches to bathing and relaxation and by learning a little about them we can spark our own imaginations and set in train wheels of our own renovation adventure.

Bathrooms of the world: Innovative renovation inspiration from around the globe 1

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