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Back to School: Is your car safe for the journey?

As parents around the country are gearing up to get their children back to school (and breathing a sigh of relief) we are so busy running around making sure that we have uniforms, lunch boxes and bags sorted that sometimes it can be easy to forget something quite essential when you think about it. For those of us who have to drive our children to school, how happy are you that all is well with your car and that it is actually safe for the journey?

The friendly guys at Unity Subaru in Peterborough are always thinking ahead and are running a Pre School Safety Campaign which is being offered free of charge to all parents in the Peterborough area as it has been drawn to their attention that there are many unsafe vehicles on the road that parents, like me, take their children back and forth to schools, play groups, day nurseries and many other activities a busy young family could be involved in. Many accidents on the roads are down to cars having faulty components that haven’t been well maintained or even inspected for a long time. Unity will be offering the chance for these families to bring their cars to their workshop and have them checked over by their fully trained technicians, which will offer friendly and honest advice about the safety of their vehicle.


Unity will complete a FREE 20 Point Pre School Check which includes:

·Visual Health Check

·Battery Test

·Thorough Inspection of Tyres, Brakes and Suspension

Also they will receive a no obligation quote if there is anything unsafe on their vehicle and be able to take advantage of the special campaign discount.

I took my car in last week for a Free Health Check which took around half an hour. I did have Little Bean and Beanie Boy with me but even that was no trouble, Unity provided them with free colouring books and pens to keep them amused, there was CBeebies on the TV and as many hot or cold drinks as we could handle AND free Wi-Fi access so I even managed to get caught up on a few emails. I might actually start popping in there for an afternoon break it was so relaxing. The staff as always were really friendly and helpful and once the check was complete their Service Advisor ran through the Inspection Sheet with me. The results are placed in two main categories, Fail Advisory and Fail Immediate. The Fail Advisory section are things which aren’t urgent but will need to be kept an eye on and looked at in the future, the Fail Immediate (which thankfully I didn’t have!!) are things which need looking at as soon as possible so I was able to drive away knowing that my car was safe for me and my precious cargo.

I’m pleased that I went to Unity and I’m sure you would be too, what does it hurt to spend half an hour in a comfy chair with a hot cuppa and more importantly peace of mind that your car is safe for the road? Don’t hesitate get down to Unity today and book your car in for its Pre School Safety Check.

Address and Opening Times

  • Monday:08:30:00 – 18:00:00
  • Tuesday:08:30:00 – 18:00:00
  • Wednesday:08:30:00 – 18:00:00
  • Thursday:08:30:00 – 18:00:00
  • Friday:08:30:00 – 18:00:00
  • Saturday:08:30:00 – 17:00:00
  • Sunday:Closed
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