Time to meet – sensible online dating tips

Online dating seemed insensible a decade ago, but things have changed as more meet their match through such venues as eHarmony vs Match. You can now discover more about your potential date before meeting them.

Sensible Online Dating Tips

Daters should be cautious as usual, and when it comes to the internet, proceed with a dose of sensibility. Here’s how to keep your head straight when it’s time to meet.


Google Them

The search engine is not similar to an FBI database, yet it’s fairly easy to snoop on a person by searching their name. At worst, you’ll find you were about to meet with a person on the most-wanted list. At best, you may find that they’ve won several humanitarian awards for helping children and elders. Mostly, you’ll just get a chance to fact-check and gain a bit more knowledge about the person you’re going to meet in person. Also, you can sign up for a Hunny dating app that can lead to a meaningful connection. The potential for a lasting relationship is there. You can match with someone and have amazing conversations that grow into a connection and, ultimately into a meaningful relationship. Then all the bad matches and frustrations seem worth it.

Be Practical

Sure, some people may submit photo-shoot pics on their profile, but if it’s filled with glam without any trace of other people, family, friends, or hobbies, then it could be a fake account. Don’t click on a website URL, reveal your email, or give such a personality your phone number, especially if they are very good-looking and unabashedly flirty.


Get Tested

It’s responsible behaviour to protect yourself and the well-being of others when it comes to single-life sexual encounters. Get tested for STDs and inquire about the health status of potential partners. Don’t be embarrassed to ask if they’ve been tested, and stand by your decision to wait until you know it’s safe to be intimate with them. Go to https://www.saferstdtesting.com/free-std-testing for more information.

Meet Soon After

It’s monotonous to try and keep track of scores of personalities. Rather than juggle those who may or may not be real, get to the gist of it and arrange a meeting with those you find attractive and share things in common with. Why collect a bunch of pen pals when you’re looking for the real thing? Get to dating, and don’t bother starting a half-hearted and sporadic conversation.

No Photos

Don’t submit to giving photos of yourself before actually meeting the person, despite their onslaught of compliments or how charming they seem via texts and online messaging. Plenty of souls have submitted photos of themselves only to be regretful. It’s not a judgment on your willingness to ‘sext’ or not. It’s to protect you from scams and people with wicked intentions.


Don’t Be Meek

Online dating is not for the meek. As mentioned, be forward with others online and don’t be shy to deny unwelcome advances and watch out for some of the dodgy tinder pickup lines, although they might give you a giggle. You don’t owe a person anything for paying you a compliment or writing you a message. It’s courteous to reply, just as you would want a response, but don’t be meek when it comes to telling the truth and being a bit blunt. You wouldn’t entertain someone at a bar for hours just because they came up to talk to you…

Ask Others

Get more points of view from friends and family members who you alert about the online dating situation. They can help identify any red flags or things that sound a bit fishy. Also, those who have tried online dating can present you with insight and some hope, especially if the experience went well for them.

Listen to Intuition

Intuition applies to online dating just as physical encounters. If something doesn’t feel right or you’re questioning the intent of another, don’t deny your intuition. There are options, and you don’t have to go forward with something that feels uncomfortable.

Reveal Details

Tell a friend or family member about date logistics, especially if the other person calls an ‘audible’ or asks you to meet at a different place than originally planned. It’s better to be safe, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re being overly cautious about doing so. The other person should understand and may have done the same thing regardless of sex. Men should not let their guard down when meeting a woman, just as women need to approach dating cautiously.

Don’t Fall Hard

Some try online dating after a sudden breakup due to loneliness, etc. Be aware of your personal level of vulnerability, and just as with any person you’re meeting at first, don’t fall hard. Get to meet the real person and don’t fall head over heels for the pedestal version of who you hope they are. Furthermore, don’t substitute online communication for meeting in person. The term ‘catfishing’ refers to the act of impersonating another (a really good-looking person, for example) to gain the attention of a love interest online.

Author Bio: Ellie Jennings is sharing her top tips when it comes to dating. The do’s and the do not’s, Ellie knows what she’s talking about when it comes to dating.


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