My ‘baby’ is nearly 18 months!

At the end of this month Jelly Bean will be 18 months old!! I know we say it all the time as parents but where does the time go?

Jelly Bean is developing such a character, I think he is going to be quite different again from his older siblings, he is quite the comedian and a real charmer with the ladies (I think he has been learning from Beanie Boy). Last week I took the train down to London with him and he had me in stitches for the majority of both journeys as he is so vocal and just manages to find things to monkey around with or ladies to flirt with.

18 months

Today he woke up early from his nap and so we got to spend some time together playing in the lounge (he normally sleeps until its time to do the school run again). We were both laughing so much and had a great time, again he turned into a clown by messing about with his bricks bucket; putting it on his head, trying to put it on my head, putting his legs into it. He seems to have a thing about being ‘in’ things at the moment, his other current favourite is the potty in the downstairs toilet, he likes to sit on the back with his feet in the potty. Don’t ask me why?!?!

18 months

Despite all his entertaining he is actually a very sweet and loving little boy too when he wants to be and the really nice thing is that he is always spontaneous with it. You never really know when he will suddenly climb up and give you a bear bug and a kiss with his perfectly puckered up lips.

At nearly 18 months  . . .

  • he is not completely bothered about walking unaided. He can do it when the mood takes him but mostly he chooses not to
  • he is loving feeding himself with a fork and is surprisingly very accurate (but then again this is food we are talking about)
  • he completely ‘gets’ humour
  • he is still sleeping at least 3 hours a day and 12 hours at night
  • he is starting to say his siblings names – a stranger wouldn’t know what he was saying but I do
  • he has finally started saying ‘Mama’ and about time too!
  • he has a temper on him. He doesn’t like to be told no and he makes his feelings very clear!!!
  • he LOVES building blocks, they are the first toy he gets out every time
  • he LOVES dance music (house/techno/trance)
  • he climbs anything and everything regardless of the dangers
  • he is a destructive little so and so
  • he can crawl at the speed of light I swear it!
  • he is obsessed with bugs and creepy crawlies, he thinks they are so funny and wants to play with them all the time.

18 months

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  1. Ah he is doing so well! He definitely sounds like a cheeky one! Let me in on your sleep secrets please! F doesn’t have a daytime nap anymore and she always comes in with us at night as she just won’t sleep :/

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