Baby Locked in Car? Here’s what you should do . . .

Even though this is something that a lot of parents believe could never happen to them, keep in mind that unexpected things happen all the times and the conditions that precede them tend to be quite random.

Baby locked in car!

Sure, it’s easy to paint all the parents who allow for such a thing to happen as negligent, yet, the truth is that this is something that can really happen to anyone. All that it takes a single second of being absent-minded, which is quite easy to imagine happening to someone who is as sleep-deprived and confused as a new parent. Still, if this happens, don’t panic, here’s what you need to do!

1. Stay Calm and Try to Keep the Baby Calm

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First of all, there is no need for breaking the window and this is a dangerous method, to begin with. The shattered glass may harm the baby and the situation may not require such urgency. Sure, some new parents have an impulse to enter a full-panic mode as soon as baby starts crying, yet, this is where you need to keep your cool. Just try to stay calm until the rescue squad arrives. You can also use this opportunity to try and calm down the baby from the outside.

2. Contact a Reliable Locksmith

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In order to prevent property damage (which may be the least of your concerns in this particular scenario), you need to contact a locksmith and tell them the urgency. Ideally, you would have a reliable mobile locksmith service to come by and handle the issue. Sure, your first urge would be to contact the 911 and this is a good course of action. However, if the locksmith can be there sooner, this might be a superior option, not just for the car but for the baby as well, which will get a lot less traumatized this way. If not, 911 is your safest choice.

3. Block the Sunlight

Car Safety
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The worst thing about this scenario lies in the fact that the parent feels completely helpless until the specialized help arrives. Nonetheless, there’s still so much you can do from the outside. First of all, you need to try and block the sun, at least the one that’s directly shining in the direction of the baby. It would be even better to cover as many sources of light as possible in order to keep the temperature within the car somewhat lower. However, you don’t want to make it too dark inside, seeing as how you don’t want the baby to start panicking even more.

4. Take Note of the Time

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Even though we’ve advised against it so many times, remember that breaking the window may be the only option you have. Still, you needn’t be too rash because of the potential consequences and alternatives we’ve already described in the locksmith section. What you need to do, therefore, is keep track of the time and if locksmith/emergency squad fail to arrive in a given time, you might need to smash the window. Just make sure you do it as gently as possible (as ironic as this may sound) and make sure that it’s the window that’s the furthest from the baby. Also, keep in mind that you need to use your watch to keep track of time, seeing as how, to a worried parent, a minute may last like an eternity.

In Conclusion

The last thing you need to understand is that when all is over and your baby is safe once more, you need to forgive yourself as quickly as possible. Don’t go too hard on yourself, seeing as how this really can happen to anyone. While this may not sound reassuring, this probably isn’t the last time that you’ll involuntarily put your child in danger. What matters the most is that you know how to behave in these moments of crisis and that your response is always in your child’s best interest. After all, once you go through all of this, chances are that you won’t allow yourself to repeat the same mistake again.

What to do if your baby gets locked in the car

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