Look what we found on our Autumn walk!

I received a letter home from Beanie Boy’s new preschool asking if he could take in any little ‘treasures’ that he might find whilst out walking as they are talking about Autumn now. Well, we often go for a walk around our village and the Beans are always bringing something home with them so last week we made an extra special trip out equipped with a plastic bag each so they could bring home even more Autumn walk treasures.

Conker Gold


We collected as many different leaves as we could, different shapes, colours, textures and sizes and then we struck gold, we found a car park which was surrounded by conker trees and it would appear that nobody had been there before us as the floor was covered in conkers. We took as many as they wanted yet still leaving plenty for anyone else who might come along and then carried on our walk a little further.


There is one house near to where we live that we all love to walk by. In the Winter they look after some of the donkeys from Skegness beach and if we’re lucky enough to spot them, the owners invite us is so the children can have their own private donkey rides!! How about that then!

Mini Gypsy Caravan

Well, this time they were in for an even bigger treat as we spotted a little pony of a different kind, a very pretty little Shire Pony (probably not the ‘actual’ name but you get the idea) and a miniature Gypsy caravan. At that moment the owners came out and invited us all in to feed the pony and check out the caravan. The Beans thought it was amazing and soo much more fun than sitting at home watching the TV.


Have you found anything interesting on your walks recently?

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