Attention-Grabbing Marketing Methods Your Rivals Probably Aren’t Using

Grabbing users’ attention is challenging in today’s economic environment. Consumers are spread thin, and information is abundant. 

Attention-Grabbing Marketing Methods Your Rivals Probably Aren't Using 1
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In this context, it can seem impossible to make your business stand out from the crowd. But, as you’ll see in this post, there are ways to do it. Here’s how:

Post A Shocking Video To Social Media

Because there is so much content, companies are being forced to post increasingly shocking videos to social media. Just rolling out a generic ad probably isn’t going to work – and most brands know this instinctively. 

To create a shocking video, you need something unexpected to happen. It doesn’t have to be anything negative, but it should disrupt the user, forcing them to pay attention. A good strategy is to begin the video starting one way and then suddenly shift what happens. 

Run A PR Stunt

Public relations stunts are another high-risk, high-reward strategy that companies use to get noticed and drive sales. Again, it works best for awareness-stage consumers. 

PR stunts can take all sorts of exciting forms. They are an opportunity for you to get creative. For example, Abercrombie and Fitch were so confident in the power of their clothing brand that they offered MTV’s Mike Sorrentino money not to wear them on television. The stunt was such a success (because he wore his favourite clothes) that the brand strengthened its appeal even more. 

Go Native

If you’re advertising online, go native. Banner ads and PPC can work in some situations, but you want the bulk of your marketing to blend naturally with all the other content out there. 

Find an SEO company that understands this type of marketing and run with it. Find ways to insert your brand into articles, blogs or videos that consumers genuinely want to watch. 

Once you go native, you start to build authority. People learn what you know instead of just seeing your marketing messages repeated over and over again. 

Use Experiential Marketing

Attention-Grabbing Marketing Methods Your Rivals Probably Aren't Using 2
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Why is Red Bull such a well-known and cherished brand? It’s not the product: anyone can make an energy drink. Instead, it’s the company’s experiential marketing. It comes up with ideas that nobody else would dare to think. 

For instance, Red Bull is well known for being an extreme sports sponsor. The brand’s events attract massive audiences who, as you might expect, also get access to the company’s products. 

Being immersed in the brand creates positive associations, which, in turn, encourages them to go back for more and more. That’s one of the reasons why Red Bull became so popular: it created a tribe out of its audience. Now it has loyal customers for life. 

Create Smart And Edgy Copy

Don’t just churn out thousands of words of bland, dull copy. That never works. Instead, focus on creating something edgy that people will want to read. Keep your sentences short and discuss exciting topics. Be bold in communicating with people, instead of worrying about all the formal rules and formulas you learnt at school. 

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