Mindful Marketing – 5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand Without Annoying Customers

Marketing your brand is essential, but it is all too easy these days to turn your customers off with irritating tactics, especially as everyone else is probably using them too. 

Mindful Marketing
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Instead, why not boost your brand profile in a better way? The following tips will help you market your brand without annoying your customers: 

1. Send Them Something Useful

If there is one thing everybody loves, it is receiving something for free. By sending your customers and clients high-quality promotional items they can use in their everyday lives – such as stationery, bags, or calendars – they will remember who you are for all the right reasons. This is the kind of marketing that keeps on giving as the items will get used time and time again, repeatedly exposing your customer and their acquaintances to your brand name. 

2. Send Out Valuable Content Via Email 

Email marketing can be annoying if all you do is repeatedly send out reminders of your products or links to where your services can be found. Such emails stop being annoying to your customers when they contain an actual value. 

This value could be in the form of new product promotion, links to webinars, or blogs relevant to your audience. The trick is to make it useful rather than just a jazzy reminder your brand exists in the form of a clickbait copy or yet another 10% discount. 

Statistics tell us that email generates around a 4,200% ROI, so it’s worth investing more time creating compelling email marketing campaigns that don’t irritate your recipients. 

3. Supply Video Content

Video marketing is not optional but essential for any business that wants to stay current in consumer content preference. If you’re hoping to avoid irritating customers, it is even more important because the video is what customers want. 

There is room for blogs and articles in marketing, but videos are favoured. Indeed, 94% of customers love engaging with explainer videos when they want to understand more about a product. Only 10% of those video viewers walk away from the purchase. Over 75% of people also say they have been convinced to buy software or an app because of a video they watched. 

In short, video is a no-brainer for marketers who don’t want to annoy their customers. 

4. Be Personable 

One of the biggest problems with annoying adverts is that they are obnoxious, condescending, or both. However, if you can be personable, your audience will feel understood, and they will be more likely to engage with your brand. 

From your branding itself to your emails, social media content, and other forms of correspondence, speak to your customers like they are people, and they will respond. 

5. Understand Your Customers’ Problems

If you can understand what your customers struggle with regarding your industry or area of expertise, you can target your marketing to those needs. For this, you could create your own surveys, if you haven’t done so before try this website. You can also ask for feedback, check reviews, and conduct market research. 

If you fully understand the problems your customers face and then target those issues with your marketing (revealing how your products solve their problems), you won’t be annoying. Instead, you’ll be a welcome breath of fresh air. 

Your marketing is only annoying if you repeatedly advertise without meaning or focus. The tips above can help you promote your brand without alienating your customers, giving your outreach depth and value that makes the right kind of impact on your target market. 

Mindful Marketing - 5 Tips for Marketing Your Brand Without Annoying Customers 1

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