At-Home Dog Grooming Tips for First-Time Fur-Parents

We all know that our furry friends can effortlessly rock that “I woke up like this” look and still look charming. No matter how they look or smell, we will always reward them with the same love and even skip the date night just to stay home and cuddle with them. 

However, you know that you, as the pet parent have some responsibilities you must keep in mind. You can lose a lot of time while trying to find the best groomer for your furry friend; truth be said, you can do certain grooming things on your own. Buy grooming products for your dog online from Isle of Dogs to make the grooming process easier. This might seem daunting, but you can do a great grooming job with these tricks.

Practice These Bathing Tricks 

At-Home Dog Grooming Tips

Since the summer started and the temperatures increased, it is natural for your dogs to be hot. Their oil glands will start to secrete too much oil at this point, which can give them an oily feeling. You will notice their fur getting dirtier and their smell even more intense. This is why to start practising certain bathing habits, such as bathing them at least once a week. In other words, it is ideal for bathing them once a week. Normally, your dogs will prefer warm water and will enjoy it. 

However, you must know that the water temperature highly depends on your dog’s breed. Bigger dogs are more prone to heart strokes, so you should use a bit cooler water. 

When bathing your dog, you must remember some essential rules. You should focus on their shoulders first and slowly move towards their back. As for the head, it is recommended to use a soaked sponge or towel. Dogs detest it when water enters their ears, causing a huge discomfort. Besides, you must know that the ideal time for these baths is around 9 or 10 am. 

Also, the regular bath should last for about 15 to 20 minutes. While bathing, if you notice any hair or even longer uneven hairs, it would be smartest to remove them using specialized dog shears. You can always click here for more information on the best choice regarding sheers. In addition, if you want to ensure you will not hurt them while bathing, you can apply eye ointment to protect them. 

Give Them Some Time to Get Used to Grooming 

It might be weird, but your pets can be surprised when you groom them instead of their usual groomer. You can use every type of dog training and apply the positive reinforcement method. It is good to give them treats whenever they behave and follow you to the bathroom or bathing area. On the other hand, if your pet is still nervous even though you have done everything you could to make them feel comfortable, it is high time to ask your friend for help. You can ask the veterinarian or your dog’s groomer for advice on making your dog trust you more. 

The Right Shampoo Is Essential 

At-Home Dog Grooming Tips

Just as you are super careful about your shampoo, you need to be careful about the shampoo for your dog as well. Different hair products can help keep your dog’s fur shiny and healthy. The most important thing about dog shampoo is to veer away from any strong scent. You must know that most furry friends have a very strong sense of smell. Even though it may come off as a super cute, shampoos with strong scents can cause them to sneeze constantly.

Determine the Dog’s Type 

We will not discriminate against pets of any size, but you must know that all pets have different grooming needs. Short-haired pets do not need as much care as pets with long hair. In addition, dogs with longer ears need more frequent ear cleaning. You need to contact your vet and see if there are other details you should know about. 

Dogs need to be regularly groomed and taken care of. Additionally, your responsibility is to keep your pet’s hair well-groomed and maintained. Sometimes, grooming your dog’s hair is difficult, but you are not always available to take them to their groomer. These small tips will help you keep your furry friend’s hair shiny and healthy at home. 

At-Home Dog Grooming Tips for First-Time Fur-Parents 1

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