Asda photo gifts for lockdown life

Lockdown life is certainly very different isnt it? I am personally enjoying the slower pace of life and most days I don’t even mind the homeschooling (most days!). Spending more time with the children, getting caught up with jobs around the house and getting out for lovely walks in the countryside are all just a few of the things I enjoy but I miss seeing my extended family. The children miss seeing their Grandparents and I know their Grandparents miss them too.

Lockdown Birthdays

Lockdown birthdays

On Easter weekend we celebrated the first of our birthdays in lockdown for Simon. The hardest part of this was not seeing our eldest Will who is staying with his Mum and sisters. We celebrated at home of course and Simon spoke to his family via video calls but it’s not the same.

In a few weeks time we are celebrating my Mum’s birthday which I know will be hard for her because she lives alone. I want to make sure that I can make her birthday as special as possible so I have really tried to think outside the box with her gifts and of course, it’s not like I can hit the shops to find the perfect gift so everything has to be done online.

The Personal Touch

Asda Photo Gifts

The hardest thing for my Mum is being away from me and the children. For Mother’s Day, I sent Mum a personalised photo card which I created on Asda Photo which she loved. All parts of the card featured photographs with a beautiful glossy finish on a luxurious card. She said that it has taken pride of place in her lounge. I filled the card with happy memories of the times we had spent together.

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This got me thinking about what other gifts I could create which she would love so I had a look once again at Asda Photo and remembered the cup which the children decorated for her last year which is now looking worn and needs replacing. They have all different types of cups to suit personal preference from mugs to China and insulated travel mugs like the one the Beans gave to me for Mother’s Day (which I LOVE).

You don’t even need to wait for a birthday to send a card, you could just send one to let someone you love know that you are thinking of them.

Photo Books

I know that I can never go wrong with a Photo Book from Asda Photo like these we made for the children, my Mum loves to pick hers up with a cup of coffee and reminisce in the memories we have created or the moments she has missed. How about creating a “While we were in Lockdown” book as a memory of this strange time in our lives. I might even make one for ourselves to add to our memory box.

Photo book

In years to come, this is going to be a period of time that will be talked about in history classes about the time that the world was locked down. Just imagine how cool it will be to look back and see all the amazing things that we were able to do. For a loved one who you can’t see right now, it’s an insight into what you have been doing so they don’t feel like they have missed out. They will be able to see the smiles, the laughter and the artwork created.

Delivered straight to their door

The other great advantage of ordering Asda Photo gifts online is that they can be delivered straight to their door. Call it a happy post because it’s bound to make them smile when they open it. Our gifts were delivered in just a few days, even during lockdown so you don’t have to worry about them not arriving on time.

Asda photo gifts for lockdown life

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