Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it’s time to start putting together some ideas about what to buy for your Mum to celebrate her, to say ‘thank you’ for all her love and support, for the big things and for the little things that she does for you ‘just because’. Now I’m afraid I can’t share with you what I might be buying for my Mum this year because she reads my blog and that would spoil the surprise, so instead I’ll tell you about some of the great things that I have spotted in the hope that they might inspire some of you.

Photobook from Photobox

Mother's Day Gifts Ideas

I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it, I don’t think you can ever go wrong with a Photobook as a gift, especially if your Mum is now a Grandparent. A photobook can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be if you’re short on time because you’ve left it until the last minute. There is a function called Autofill where you can select the photos you want in your book and let Photobox do the rest. Pick and choose colours and layouts; add text. No two photo books need ever be the same!

Asda – a little bit of everything!

Mother's Day

You know me, I love Asda. They have a little bit of everything, I would be very happy to receive some new PJ’s (hint hint) and of course there’s always the traditional flowers, chocolates, a bottle of pop or a scarf.

I Promise: The most thoughtful gift for Mums this Mother’s Day

I Promise

There is one gift that every mum will love for Mother’s Day, and that has to be the gift of having a lie-in.

There are promises for children of every age; for older Kids, then perhaps that would be a promise to spend more time together, or a promise to tidy their rooms, for little ones a promise could be to eat more vegetables.

Any promise that a child of any age would like to pledge to their mother can be created, printed and posted in a beautiful paper case through new website I

£1 from every Mother’s Day promise sold will help Kids Company to continue to help over 36,000 children.

Promises can be created in three easy steps, beautifully personalised and delivered in a red or navy case – with striking foil lettering – that unfolds in the palm of the hand.

Whilst promises can be completely personal, with the buyer writing their own pledges on the I Promise website, those seeking inspiration can choose from a wide range of pre-written, popular promises including those by celebrity mums.

Each case contains a collection of three, five or ten promises that can be illustrated with a choice of stylish pictures.

I Promise costs only £9.50 including postage for three promises to make any mum’s Mother’s Day gift completely bespoke and special.

Hallmark – They do more than just cards!


For me as a Mum and as a Daughter the most important gift on Mother’s Day is the card, I spend hours trying to find the right card for my Mum and if it doesn’t bring tears to her eyes then it’s just not good enough. I tell my Mum as often as I can how much I appreciate what she does for us and how much I love her but on Mother’s Day I can cement that with a card. Hallmark have always had a beautiful selection of cards but you would be wrong to assume that’s all they do and if you stick to the high street you’ll be missing a trick because if you shop online with them the choice is HUGE! Us Mums are always having to remember something or other so how about some nice memo blocks to jot all those things down on, or a memo set so that we can keep in touch with those loved ones who are farther afield. Most Mums like to relax with a lovely cup of tea so how about a lovely Personalised Tea cup? There are lots of different designs to choose from. I love the slate heart, you can have it engraved with your own special message, that way she will never forget how you feel about her. If you have a slightly larger budget then how about a lovely pamper day experience? That’s not all; there’s weekend breaks, gourmet experiences – in fact there is probably just about any experience you think your Mum would prefer.

I’d love to know what others do for their Mums on Mother’s Day, so what’s the best gift you have given or received on Mother’s Day?

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