2017 Rug Trends

The perfect way of adding that final finishing touch to a room for a sophisticated and professional look is with the use of a rug. Rugs are great for not only adding comfort but they are also a key design piece within a room and allow you to work with strong and stunning looks. 2017 has been a great year for rugs, and the good news is there is always enough time to jump on board the current trends that show no signs of slowing down.

Pattern Rug


Over recent years we’ve started to move away from the monochromatic and simplistic look of the ‘modern’ trend. In it’s place, were starting to use more colour in the home and in particular, patterns. Whether they be on wallpapers or accessories, patterns are very much part of the contemporary home. A great way of introducing patterns to your home is through a rug. This will act as a centre or feature point from which you can build designs and colours around. However, try to avoid using a pattern rug if you have existing patterns in your room. Too much pattern at once can drown a room, making it feel chaotic. It’s a good idea therefore to plan your use of pattern extensively before choosing your pattern rug.

Scandi rug

Softer Colours

While modern homes are becoming more and more welcoming to the use of bold and intense colours, softer colours are still just as popular. With the popularity of the Scandinavian design taking off the softer and more subtle palette has come in to the spotlight. Some of the key colours of this trend include duck egg blue, warms greys and muted yellows. These colours work harmoniously together to create a stunning look that will put your home at the envy of anyone who visits. When looking for rugs in these colours, try one with a longer pile length to give that softer and cosy feel. This will help you to achieve the Scandi look seamlessly.

Sheepskin rug


Hailing from Denmark and working with that previously mentioned soft colour palette, the Hygge look has become a fast and firm favourite in the interior design world. Similar to the Scandi look in some ways, the Hygge look instead places its emphasis more heavily on comfort and texture. To achieve this look you want to focus on using knitted accessories like cushions as well as candles, plants and book cases. Anything that creates a calm and cosy look is perfect. In particular, a sheepskin rug works beautifully for a Hygge design thanks to it’s soft to the touch feel and visible texture. Sheepskin rugs feel great underfoot, bringing warmth to a floor. But it is thanks to their smaller size that they can also be draped across sofas for a versatile function. Either way, a sheepskin rug is ideal for any home wanting that bit of style and comfort in one.

Shaggy rug

Shaggy Rugs

Once popular in the 60s thanks to their retro look, shaggy rugs were forgotten about for a while because of their dated look. However, they’ve since made a huge come back and are now a go-to choice with homeowners. Their name refers to the longer pile length of the material. The longer the pile length, the ‘shaggier’ and softer the rug is. These rugs are ideal for bringing depth and texture to a room and would work nicely with the previously mentioned Hygge trend. Try to avoid walking on your shaggy rug with shoes, as this will wear down that gorgeous texture over time and flatten the pile. Instead, walk on your rug barefoot or with socks to increase your rugs life. This makes them great for bedrooms or lounges.

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