A fresh attempt at new food with Tommee Tippee

Every now and then, someone will read my blog and offer me the opportunity to test something which might just save my bacon. I have this fear that I shall come to be known as “the blogger with the daughter who doesn’t eat” because try as I might Little Bean’s eating habits just don’t get any better. This year will be her 5th Christmas and I am still hedging my bets as to whether or not she will finally eat her first-ever Christmas Dinner!

Tommee Tippee Baby Food Blender

Tommee Tippee


Dealing with Texture

I have now come to realise that much of Little Bean’s dislike for food it centred around texture, not taste, much the same as myself. I avoid red meat because I find it too chewy, I will only eat chicken if it has been slow-cooked or baked in foil so that it just falls apart.

Well, now Tommee Tippee might just have come to my rescue with the help of their Baby Food Blender from the Explora range. This is a small blender which is the perfect size for a child’s portion of food and has 2-speed settings so you can choose the texture of food for your little ones.

New Foods for Little Bean

Since receiving the Tommee Tippee blender I have been trying different foods to make sauces for Little Bean (I’m starting very slowly!!) to have with her normal food. She loves fruit and vegetable purees in pouches so I have been blending fruit and vegetables in the Baby Blender into a smooth paste and I am starting to find a few things that she likes, especially if I hide them with a bit of tomato sauce (her favourite). It’s all worth a try at this stage because I have nothing to lose.

Happy Beanie Boy

Since having the blender I have made big progress with Beanie Boy, I began by blending the meat and sauce from Spaghetti Bolognese, Chilli Con Carne and curries and he liked the taste so each time I have blended it a little less and now he is eating pretty much the same meals as us, although he definitely prefers his food off my plate rather than his own?

So Baby No. 3 has been warned, I am expecting the perfect weaning experience with him and my Baby Food Blender, no excuses!

If you’re in the US you might want to check out JuicerKings for the best blenders for baby food.

2 thoughts on “A fresh attempt at new food with Tommee Tippee”

  1. The Tommee Tippee Explora doesn´t work very well. First, it seldom starts without repeated fiddling with the locking mechanism. Second the noise it makes is loud and unpleasant, like a motor about to fail. Third, the device soon smells of overheating components.And fourth, the fit and finish and materials are of a poor standard. Baby blenders are useful but this one is not. Avoid.

    • Thank you for your comment Richard, perhaps you had a faulty one. I always speak as I find and I found this to work well and do the job it was meant for.

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