32 weeks pregnant, can my bump have dropped already?

32 weeks pregnant

Bearing in mind this is my third baby you’d think I would have a pretty good idea about what happens during pregnancy and when but with baby brain, each pregnancy feels like the first. At the time you think you will remember every single detail of your pregnancy but sadly over time, you do forget and it’s times like that when I am grateful for my blog because I can look back and read about how things were previously.

This pregnancy seems to be flying by now and before I know it, the new man in my life will be nestled in my arms as if he has always been there. Some days recently though I have wondered whether that day might come sooner than expected. I know with Little Bean and Beanie Boy they were both very late at engaging, Beanie Boy was still not engaged when I went into labour but I am 90% sure that Jelly Bean has dropped already, in the last week my bump has felt much lower (people have even commented) and I have been very uncomfortable when sitting down and particularly when driving. My hips are really starting to hurt as if they have each been moved 5cm further apart as if in preparation for labour, I’m just wondering who should I memo to say that it’s not time for Jelly Bean to come out yet? For starters he doesn’t even have a bed!!

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