8 Simple Hacks To Help You Play Your Instrument Better

If you’re a musician, then you’ve probably been told that the best way to improve your skills is by playing more. While it’s true that practice makes perfect, some simple hacks can help make practice sessions better and more efficient. This piece will help provide you with eight simple hacks to help you play your instruments better.

1. Tune Your Instrument

Play Your Instrument Better

Tuning your instrument is crucial for playing music. This is because when played out of tune, it’s hard to keep track of the rhythm or tempo of a song. This will help you play your instrument better as well as produce a better sound. Also, you should probably try to learn to read sheet music to get the best results when playing instruments. Anytime before you play, whether practising in front of people or alone, you should tune your instrument. You can learn how to tune your instrument through online tutorials or with an app on your phone.

2. Be Sure To Get Enough Sleep

Once you get enough sleep, you will be able to focus better. In addition, having quality rest is important for overall health, so it only makes sense that you will play your instrument better if you are getting enough sleep. If you find yourself struggling with playing an instrument or feel fatigued often, make sure to change up your sleeping habits and try to get the recommended hours of sleep per night. You don’t want to become sick because you haven’t been getting enough sleep or not performing the best you can because of lack of sleep.

3. Learn Scales And Arpeggios

If you want to be able to improvise over a chord progression, then knowing the scales and their corresponding chords is essential. Play each scale ascending and descending in all keys so that it becomes natural for your fingers when they are playing over different chord changes. Additionally, learn the common arpeggios for each chord in a key to make improvising over chords even easier.

4. Know The Basics Of Music Theory

If you are looking to take your playing skills up a notch, there is an endless amount of resources available for learning the basics of music theory. Once you know the basics of music theory, you can improve your playing skills. You may be able to figure out songs by ear or even improvise on the spot with some easy-to-learn techniques, like chord progressions.

5. Practice Regularly

Several factors contribute to the quality of any musical performance. One is being able to play an instrument or sing well, and another one is practising regularly. If you want your bandmates to appreciate what you do for them, then it’s better if you practice more often than less.

Practice every day, even if it’s just for a small period. Practice until you can play the song perfectly on your own. Play different keys and try getting new sounds out of your instrument. If you have an electric guitar or piano, experiment with effects pedals so that all members in the band are impressed by what they hear from you. Play the same song over and over again until it’s almost perfect, then move on to another one that needs work.

6. Experiment With Different Instruments

Play instrument

Play all kinds of things, even if you think they are boring or silly. Not only will this make your practice more fun, but it may also show you that there is a lot to learn from every instrument. So, be sure to try your hand at all kinds of instruments, not just the ones you already play. You can also borrow your friends’ instruments and see what you can learn from them. There’s no telling where each new experience will take you in playing your instrument better. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of instruments.

7. Don’t Compare Yourself Too Much To Others

Comparing yourself too much to others will lead you down a path of frustration. Play the instrument you are most comfortable with and work on your strengths, not your weaknesses. There is no point in being better than everyone else if it makes you miserable to do so. Play the music that resonates with who you are, don’t worry about what other people think or how they play their instruments. Once you stop comparing yourself to others, then and only then, you can start to improve on your skills. In addition, your self-esteem will rise so high that you will stop doubting yourself every time you play instruments.

8. Get Lessons From Someone Who Is More Experienced Than You Are

There are many books, CD’s and DVDs out there that can help you with your playing technique. But, if you have the opportunity to get lessons from someone who is more experienced than yourself, do it. They will give you extra insights on how to improve your skills even further.

Another good reason for getting a teacher is because they will keep you motivated to practice. They will also give you the best advice on how to practice most effectively. And, you can ask them what the best equipment is that they recommend for your type of play. Additionally, they might recommend that you get involved in a band or a group. Another great reason for getting lessons from the pros is that they will help change your mindset to make this hobby fun and enjoyable.

Playing an instrument can be difficult, especially if you are just starting. However, with some time and effort, your instrument will sound more beautiful than ever! If you’re looking for a few tricks to improve your skills, you might want to check out the above tricks to help you play your instrument better. If you would like to play your instrument like a pro, then you have to tune it. You can use a tuning fork or an app that will let you know if the notes being played are in tune. Release all the tension, be focused, and keep practising.

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