7 reasons why you need an air purifier

Most of us use water purifiers at home to clean contaminated water, but have you ever thought of the many contaminants which prevail in the air we breathe? Airborne pollutants can cause a variety of diseases and can have long term adverse effects on our health. Certain cities have such bad air quality, that breathing there is equivalent to smoking cigarettes. If you want your home to be a safe abode for your family, then you must invest in a good air purifier for large room in your family home. Good air quality is a necessity, but in today’s time and age, it certainly has become a luxury. Did you know that we inhale almost 35 pounds of air daily, and therefore, we must pay attention to the quality of our air?

Why you need an air purifier

An air purifier at home is essential because it enhances the mood, improves the body’s resistance, betters the course of blood flow, etc. If you are still not convinced about making an air purifier home appliances, then the following reasons will certainly convince you! 

1. It keeps allergies at bay

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You will find a variety of people who are allergic to dust, dirt and other airborne particles. Certain dust particles can irritate allergies and cause problems like itchy eyes, running nose, dark circles, skin irritation, etc. So to make sure that none of your family members feels uncomfortable because of the aforementioned problems, bring home a good air purifier. 

2. Health benefits

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A very common breathing problem in both children and adults is primarily caused by bad air quality. This is triggered by certain allergens that tighten the windpipe; making it difficult to breathe. Air purifiers keep killing most of the allergies, asthma causing allergies, making it easier for people to breathe properly. 

3. It prevents the spread of mould

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Homes that are damp or entrap heavy levels of moisture often experience mould growth. Made of spores, mould happens to be a fungus that can stick to other objects and spreads easily. Mould is known for triggering breathing problems. An air purifier often helps in preventing mould from spreading. 

4. You need an air purifier if you have pets

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As much as we love our pets, it is a fact that most of them shed hair and dead cells. Tackling this problem becomes extremely difficult if you do not have a water purifier at home. If you have pets and children living together, then you must make sure, that your children do not get allergies from your pet’s hair. Animal hair can slowly build up in the lungs of those who stay close to furry animals and that can escalate into major health issues. An air purifier usually sifts out the dangerous particles of the air, ensuring the safety of your beloved family. 

5. It keeps foul odour at bay

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Imagine you are sitting across from your guest and a foul smell is emitted from your house. Don’t be a victim of such embarrassment and bring home a good air purifier that can filter the air to get rid of any pungent smell. Many people feel nauseous because of bad-smelling surroundings, this feeling can be omitted with the help of a purifier. You can also try out an air purifier and humidifier combo

6. Keep your pregnant wife and children safe

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If you have a pregnant wife at home, then you must know that women at this stage are highly susceptible to complications, which originate from inhaling foul air. There have been cases when bad air quality has risked the life of the fetus. Toxoplasma Gondii is a microbe which is hosted in cats and can cause stillbirth. The use of air purifiers can help in avoiding such critical problems. Babies and toddlers are extremely susceptible to dust allergies. To make sure that your child’s immune system is not compromised, make sure that your home is free from bad quality air. 

7. It makes breathing easier, even if you live in a busy area with construction work close by

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Air purifiers can catch airborne particles like fine dust, which is emitted from cars and construction sites. While keeping the windows closed is a good idea, the debris somehow enters the space and can settle on your furniture. Air purifiers will help you breathe better even if you live in a congested area. 

Air purifiers are the best ways to improve the air quality of your home. It is very useful and ventilates closed spaces while keeping the indoor air clean. 

reasons why you need an air purifier

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