5 Ways for Busy Mums to Unwind and Relax

To say 2020 and 2021 have been tough would be an understatement.

Thankfully, though, Mums all around the globe have been the glue that’s kept everything together. From homeschooling the kids to remote working, Mums have had a lot on their plates since the pandemic started – but like they always do, they’ve powered through and are coming out the other side stronger than ever before!

5 Ways for Busy Mums to Unwind and Relax

It’s fair to say that every Mum needs a little break now that the pandemic dust is starting to settle. Therefore, it’s time to be more selfless and give yourself some well-deserved relaxation time – after all, you’ve earned it.

With that said, let’s look at five of the best ways Mums can relax and unwind for the rest of the year.

1. Play fun games on your phone

The chances are, you’re reading this through your smartphone.

Smartphones are amazing devices when it comes to helping Mums relax and have fun. One of the best ways they can do this is through mobile games.

Basically, you can download countless games through the Apple or Android app store, or (alternatively) you can play games through your phone’s web browser.

Right now, online casinos are particularly popular with Mums. That’s right, casinos have gone digital – which means you can experience the glitz and glamour of Hollywood movies through a screen instead of having to get dressed and head down to your local casino.

A lot of celebrities love casino games, from blackjack to poker – so it’s no surprise how popular online casinos have become. Even popular games like sudoku can be played on your phone.

2. Have an at-home spa day

Spa Day

This weekend is the perfect opportunity for you to have an at-home spa day – no excuses!

You can get your comfiest slippers out, light some incense or candles, put your best face mask on, and kick your feet up on the sofa. To top it all off, you should put a Netflix movie on and have a nice glass of wine (or three).

At-home spa days are great for Mums’ mental health, as they allow you to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate your body.

You’ll wake up the next day feeling like a new woman and ready for any new challenges the day may bring.

3. Go for a country walk

There’s no better feeling than leaving technology behind and going for a nice walk through nature.

Remember to take plenty of water and snacks with you, as well as to plan your trail before you set off.

4. Write a journal


A journal is a must-have item for all Mums. It helps to keep track of your thoughts and is very therapeutic. Plus, journals are great to look back on years down the line as they will remind you of any little memories and moments you might have forgotten.

5. Absorb yourself in a book

In today’s hectic and constantly moving world, books (check out these new books for the summer) are the perfect tonic for relaxation. You can lose yourself in the pages, whether it’s a classic novel or an autobiography of a celebrity you like and forget the outside world exists for a couple of hours.

Remember, you don’t have time to go to the book store; you can read ebooks instead, as there are plenty of apps (like Apple Books) that enable you to do this.

5 Ways for Busy Mums to Unwind and Relax 1

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