5 tips to a successful online sales business

When you are looking to make a purchase of any kind, where is the first place you look? For me, I always Google it (though other search engines are available). It’s the quickest way to search for the best prices and to see what choices are available. This is the way for the majority of people in the modern world, so it makes sense to create an online sales business, provided you do it right! I have a number of close friends who have their own successful online businesses so I asked for their tips to share on the blog;

online sales business

#1 Hard work and determination to succeed

Unless you’re an extremely lucky person, the majority of people only succeed through sheer hard work and determination. Like all start-up businesses, online or physical, you have to put a lot of effort in to reap the rewards. Ever heard of the phrase, ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day‘?

If you’re selling online, you’ll need your customers to find you easily, otherwise, you will struggle to make a sale. Put lots of effort into marketing so that you know who your customers will be and tailor your advertising accordingly.

#2 Choose your product/service carefully

Ask yourself, “would I want to buy this?” If the answer is no, they why would you expect others to want to buy it? Once again, you need to carefully consider who you want to sell to and do your research; what does your ideal customer want or need? How can you fill a gap in the marketplace that you are targeting?

Check out the competition; if you are looking to sell something which is available on multiple sites and every street corner, then you’ll have to keep your prices competitive. If you choose a product which isn’t so freely available, then you’ll be able to sell your products at a premium and increase your margins.

#3 Make the purchase simple

Ask anyone with an online business and they will tell you that you need to grab your customer’s attention quickly. If your site is slow to load or it isn’t immediately obvious what your visitors need to click on in order to make a purchase, then they will click away, and you will lose the sale.

#4 Be memorable for all the right reasons

The key to repeat business doesn’t just lie in great products but in amazing customer service. Always aim to exceed your customers’ expectations so that they want to return to you again and recommend you to others.

Make sure your packaging is fit for purpose so that your goods arrive in perfect condition, and use a reputable delivery company to ensure their orders are delivered on time, every time. Offer a same day delivery service for those who want or need their purchase urgently.

#5 Get your name out there!

Be creative at bringing traffic to your site, and ask for product reviews and guest posting opportunities on websites within your target market. Write articles which compliment your product or service to encourage visitors to your site. Don’t make all articles about the ‘hard sell’; what you are hoping to do is engage your visitors so that they like you and your voice which in turn could convert to sales – your ultimate goal!

It’s no secret that it will be hard work, but working for yourself is rewarding and offers you more freedom and flexibility in the long run.

Good luck!


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