Marcus Debaise Explains How Businesses Can Boost Sales Post-Corona Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken the business world for the worse, with most industries and lives affected in the US and the world. The governments are trying to keep the economy stable and the citizens safe from the novel coronavirus infection. Marcus Debaise cites that many small businesses in the US and all over the globe did bear the attack of the pandemic financially, thus affecting sales and margins. These businesses are adapting to new types of selling methods to stay afloat amid the pandemic.

This article will show how small businesses can use smart strategies to keep making money and profits amid the corona crisis. Here is how:

Marcus Debaise suggests keeping communication open with customers

Marcus Debaise Explains How Businesses Can Boost Sales Post-Corona Crisis
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Whether it is amid the crisis or after the global epidemic, your business must keep the communication open with your customers. Both customers and businesses are experiencing several changes in their daily life, be it financial or a change in daily routine. Based on the findings of 4A, 43 per cent of customers find it comforting to hear from businesses they know and rely on amid the crisis when the coronavirus created havoc in the US and the world.

Leverage your messaging channels, including social networking sites, to educate consumers about what things are changing or remaining unchanged when it comes to your business. Inform your customers about the following aspects:

  • Are you stopping deliveries in any containment zone?
  • Are all your products available for sale?
  • What would the anticipated delivery time?
  • Will there be any delays in manufacturing products?
  • Which services to resume when the pandemic retreats?
  • How do you ensure customer and employee safety?

Marcus Debaise thinks that by keeping the communication lines open with customers, you can figure out what changes your customers will accept and how they will react. Assure your buyers that you will walk the extra mile to help customers amid the pandemic and not just think about revenues.

Reassess your product or service offerings

Amid the corona crisis, the products you sold previously may seem irrelevant to customers’ needs now. There are other products buyers may want amid the pandemic.  For instance, if you sell event or travel products, customers will not like to purchase them, and therefore, you need to replace those products with something that buyers can use in their homes.

As the pandemic starts to retreat, you can start adding the old products to your store when the demand for them increases. Amid the corona epidemic, you can sell grocery items, hand sanitisers, and masks, which are in demand. Read more about the future of sales here.

Change your marketing tactics

The essential thing to focus on amid the pandemic is changing your existing marketing strategies that seem irrelevant now. Look at your social media and ad campaigns, email marketing techniques, and SEO to decide what needs tweaking and what requires removal. Use social distancing and safety tips in your marketing content instead of just pushing your products for sale at these troubled times.


Corona infections are depleting in numbers in some areas while spiking in some other regions. It would help if you adapted to the changing situations to keep your business afloat.

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