5 tips on getting your home ready for summer

Summer is almost there, hence we start making plans of what we will do once it is here. One of the important things is to get your home ready for summer. Here are five practical tips cleaners in the Helpling-app shared to make sure you home is ready for summer.


As the days are getting longer and warmer, people tend to become more active and friendlier. Summer has a positive impact on people in many ways. As your home is an integral part of your life, you should never underestimate the need for getting it ready for summer too. Here are five tips on getting your home ready for summer.

  1. Wash your windows so you can see summer arriving immediately. It is important that you can see through your windows clearly. Once the sun is out you actually realise how dirty your windows are. Clean them by mixing some vinegar with water. Wash the windows and use an old newspaper to wipe them down.
  2. Double-check the condition of plants and trees in your garden. It is possible that some of them don’t have survived winter. Should that be the case: replace them immediately. Trees in particular need time to settle before they become green and will start flower again.
  3. Inspect the condition of the paintwork. Make sure your house is freshly painted before summer arrives. If not, it will bother you throughout the summer.
  4. Clean your barbecue (area). A clean barbecue and the immediate vicinity is important as it will be likely that you will spend a lot of time barbecuing. A tidy and clean area will contribute to the fun doing so and the quality of food you produce.
  5. Make sure the garden will be child and pet friendly and to ensure everything is fully secured. Parents tend to send kids and pets outside as soon as they can, believing that they play outside safely. However, kids and pets tend to find the gaps that they can use to escape and make it to the public streets. No parent or pet owner wants to lose a child or pet due to traffic. Therefore, secure your garden while you can.

Once summer is here we often tend to forget the basics as we want to enjoy the nice weather. Make sure you can do so by knowing comfortably that you are fully prepared.

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