5 Tips To Build Muscle Strength Using Natural Herbs

Everyday activities can easily take a toll on one’s body, especially when one does not prioritise resting. It is essential to choose to take time out to recover and recharge purposefully. Unfortunately, schedules and tight deadlines may not allow you to do this. Fortunately, it is still possible to build muscle strength when all you can get is a few hours of quality sleep as your only form of rest.

Besides specific physical relaxation routines, you can also invest in the right supplements and natural herbs to boost your muscle strength. Knowing which herbs to consume is the trick you must master. You can also try a low FODMAP diet. The examples mentioned below are a great start as you keep researching and gathering more information.

5 Tips To Build Muscle Strength Using Natural Herbs 1
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1.  Ashwagandha

Regardless of how busy your schedule is, taking Ashwagandha is one of the easiest and most effective ways to strengthen your muscles. Historically, the general belief was that consuming herbs gives one strength like a horse. You can search for it online or at local stores selling herbal supplements and related products.

It also goes by the alternative names of Winter Cherry, Indian Ginseng, or Withania Somnifera. Anyone consuming this herb regularly will benefit from an energy boost and increased stamina. Their muscles will also gain considerable strength, which is vital for anyone seeking to build muscles. All you need is some exercise, and you are good to go.

Consume Ashwagandha in the form that works best for you. This can be as a tea, tablet, or powder form that you add to beverages or other drinks. Ashwagandha is excellent because it is an adaptogen. While it may not directly work on your muscles, it triggers the right environment to support muscle strengthening by boosting your immune system.

The herb also improves the body’s physiological functions, making it easy to respond strongly against any forms of natural stressors and adverse influences. When the body is at its optimal state, it functions better and, as such, attains muscular strength.

2.   CBD Tea and Edibles

5 Tips To Build Muscle Strength Using Natural Herbs 2
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CBD has a load of positive effects on the body. The secret is to find the right CBD product that works for you and consume it regularly. Consider getting an edible Canada and make it part of your morning or evening diet. CBD may work by reducing cortisol levels regarding muscle support when an athlete or active person engages in high-intensity exercises. This, in turn, evokes better muscle tissue growth. It also restricts the undesirable retention of cortisol-linked fats. Additionally, CBD supports the recovery of injured muscles and minimises inflammation. All these help in muscle growth and strengthening.

3.  Tribulus Terrestris/ Puncture Vine

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This herb is excellent, especially for men struggling with low testosterone levels. It has been one of India’s natural herbs for centuries to get these critical male hormones up and is often used in muscle growth supplements. Usually, muscle growth depends a lot on testosterone. A good example is teenage boys whose shoulders broaden and expand when their hormones are high. It is at this stage of growth that they have higher testosterone levels. Consuming it frequently may significantly boost your testosterone levels, making it possible to achieve your muscle-strengthening goals. Additionally, it can benefit males struggling with erectile dysfunction since it helps correct this issue even as it boosts libido.

4.  Echinacea

These ancient herbs have played a significant role in treating colds and general immune-boosting endeavours. However, recent research in modern natural medicine shows that it can improve athletic endurance. It is a commonly used remedy for the nervous system. Current studies show its ability to boost erythropoietin (EPO) levels, making it even more potent in herbal medicine.

EPO is responsible for the regulation of red blood cell production. The more red blood cells one has, the easier it is for one blood to transport oxygen to the rest of the body. When the entire body receives enough oxygen, it can help athletes and anyone building and strengthening their muscles to endure long training hours and challenging exercise routines.

5.  Golden Root/ Rhodiola Rosea

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Even as you try to find the best natural and healthy solutions, you may want to look at the golden root. It gets its unique name from its positive effects. The golden root is a natural adaptogen that can boost brain function and general body energies. Consuming it as a tea daily also helps minimise cortisol levels, thus minimising stress. Adaptogens like Rhodiola Rosea are also commonly included as extracts in diet supplements like PhenQ if you don’t want to munch on the leaves themselves.

Proof also shows that it can help reduce belly fat, thus supporting athletic goals. Those who use it also attest that it can help reduce depression, thus helping anyone focus on muscle strengthening.


In the end, you aim to build muscle strength. It would be best if you considered taking herbs that relax your mind and help to de-stress. Including herbs in your dietary supplements, besides promoting growth, enables you to achieve your goal faster. Numerous other herbs and spices can aid in muscle strengthening, and recovery. Some of these are simple and always in your kitchen, including turmeric, ginger, thyme, and oregano.

Besides the typical spices, you can also explore other herbs, including maca powder, Rhodiola, corydalis, and green tea. However, before taking any of these, discuss them with your physician.

5 Tips To Build Muscle Strength Using Natural Herbs 5

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  1. What an interesting post. We all hear about the usual supplements we should take but it’s good to hear about the more obscure ones. I like the sound of the Golden Root – I’ll be checking that out some more. Thanks for sharing.

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