5 great alternatives to having a pet dog 

Throughout time, dogs have always been popular pets. For a pet that can complete a family, adding a canine chum to your household isn’t the only option, though. Millions of people are looking at alternatives to having a pet dog, with plenty of notable options available to homeowners. 

Of course, it’s entirely understandable why owning a dog appeals to people. They’re loving, loyal, provide comical value, keep us active, and are just likeable animals. People also have an affinity with dogs thanks to classic movies like Lassie, the endless number of dog shows on TV in 2023, and even popular dog-themed games like Busters Bones, a title packed full of pooches. The world loves dogs, and it’s easy to see why. 

5 great alternatives to having a pet dog 

Owning a dog is a big responsibility, though. For many people, a dog doesn’t fit in with their lifestyle. As such, it’s entirely understandable for dog lovers to realise that they can’t necessarily own one. So, with that in mind, let’s look at five great alternatives to having a pet dog. 


alternatives to having a pet dog

Owning pigs is certainly a big responsibility, but it’s one that many people relish, particularly if they adore these incredibly smart animals. Having a pet pig is a testing scenario, though, so it’s worth assessing whether your home environment suits one. If you think you can take on a pig or two, having one in your sanctuary will brighten your days. Living up to 20 years, pigs are full of love and energy and are adorable most of the time. Owning a pig isn’t for everyone, but it might be for you. 


Another trendy pet to own these days, budgies are completely different to dogs, but they represent a lovely pet to bring into a home setup. With all budgies typically being affectionate, extremely friendly, and offering companionship to people, these gorgeous birds are a fantastic option. Also providing entertainment given their endless energy, these social animals love people and are low maintenance. 


Although fish need feeding and their tanks need cleaning, they’re fairly easy to look after other than that. From freshwater species to a selection of tropical fish that people typically own, hundreds of species are suitable for ownership. Fish are relaxing to look at, they’re not as demanding as owning a dog, for example, and a fish tank populated with stunning fish can improve a room in your home, too. 

Bearded dragons

5 great alternatives to having a pet dog  1

While the name might put you off, bearded dragons are amazing creatures to live with. Although they require live food to feed off, which can certainly put some people off, they’re very relaxed and friendly creatures who don’t require constant care. There is certainly a level of commitment required when it comes to owning a bearded dragon, though, particularly given the large amounts of the aforementioned live food they require, coupled with the vegetables they can eat. Overall, though, in terms of owning a unique pet, bearded dragons are a fantastic option. 


If you want to snuggle up to and cuddle a pet, then chinchillas might be the answer. Although they take time to adapt to their surroundings and get to know people, these delicate pets are adorable once they open themselves up to you. They also require care and attention on a fairly regular basis and need a large cage they can call their home. 

5 great alternatives to having a pet dog  2

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