48/365–Romance isn’t dead–yet!

17022011 005

Aren’t they beautiful?  These were the flowers which my lovely husband gave me for Valentines Day.  OK so many of you may be thinking ‘they’re not red’ but there is a reason for that.  I’ve always loved yellow roses, I don’t really know what it is about them, I guess they look cheerful and summery even in the middle of winter.

Before Hubby and I got together, I was having a conversation at work with a colleague and we were talking about gifts we had received on previous valentines and what we liked.  At the time, Hubby (who wasn’t Hubby at the time) and I were working together and shared an office with two other women, he was sat at his desk at the other end of the room earwigging getting on with his work.  I told my colleague that I actually preferred yellow roses to red and that if a man wanted to catch my heart he’d just have to buy me yellow roses and lemon bonbons (because I love them too!!).

I didn’t really think about that conversation again until the following year as I was leaving work and approached my car in the car park to find a bouquet of yellow roses and lemon bonbons sat on the windscreen.  At this point we had only been seeing each other about two weeks so I was completely blown away.  We have now been together 7 years and each year he buys me my yellow roses and lemon bonbons without fail – until this year that is!  As you can clearly see I have my roses but he says that he couldn’t find lemon bonbons anywhere – I guess I’ll let him off just this once.

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