Keep Your Family Stylish and Safe: 3 Clothing Essentials For A Day At The Beach

Whether it’s at home or abroad, a day at the beach is an essential holiday ritual. The space offers everyone the chance to relax, run, swim, and play. To make sure you’re as relaxed as the rest of the family, it’s important to make sure you bring the right kit to be assured that everyone is safe and protected while by the sea. While sunscreen should be at the top of your list, these clothing essentials will help you all stay extra protected.


lothing Essentials For A Day At The Beach

If you’re planning to go for a swim or at least a splash among the waves, you’ll need swimwear. As the sun can affect the skin even when it’s not the hottest of days, use your swimsuits to your advantage. Higher-coverage swimsuits for moms and daughters, such as those with sleeves, skirts, skorts, and leggings, can be both a stylish and a safe choice to protect your and your daughter’s skin from the sun.

For boys and dads, it’s a good idea to wear a rash guard rather than just board shorts for extra UV protection. With extra protection from clothing, your family’s skin will be safe from the sun, and they can swim and play for longer without risking getting sunburnt.

If you’re bringing a baby, make sure to bring swim nappies, so even the littlest one can enjoy the water.

Sun hats

While you’re hanging out on the beach and playing in the sun, it is easy to forget the time until you start feeling dizzy from all the heat burning onto the top of your head. That’s why sun hats are one of the essentials to bring for both kids and adults. They keep your heads cool and your faces protected.

The best part is that sun hats for kids come in all shapes and sizes, from safari-style sun hats to stylish boater hats, so you can make sure your family can enjoy the sun while staying protected. It’s better to opt for brimmed bucket-style hats rather than caps, as those also cover the ears and part of the neck.

This probably goes without saying, but sunglasses are also a must-have. Make sure they have good UV protection and fit comfortably to be able to play in the sun without losing them.

A change of clothes

lothing Essentials For A Day At The Beach

Playing in the sand and sea can and most likely will get you and your family dirty and wet, so make sure to bring a change of clothes. A beach day is the most fun when you don’t have to worry about your clothes getting wet or sandy, so knowing you have an extra set of dry clothes to change into for the way home will help you and your family make the most of your beach time.

It’s essential to get out of the wet clothes after swimming for the ride home. Nobody wants a bladder infection or to catch a cold from the A/C in the car. It can also be a good idea to bring a lightweight jacket or sweatshirt in case it cools off in the evening.

A day on the beach promises fun adventures and wonderful memories. Bring these three clothing essentials along with you to make sure you all stay safe and relaxed.

Keep Your Family Stylish and Safe: 3 Clothing Essentials For A Day At The Beach 1

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