20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids

Christmas is less than a month away and I still have a long way to go. We have two big Marvel fans in our house so I have been looking to see what’s around to pique their attention and have found over 20 Marvel Gifts for Kids I think you might like too.

6″ Captain America Figure

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 120+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 2

Avengers, assemble! With his iconic shield at the ready, Captain America charges into the battle for justice. This 6-inch Captain America figure features an animation-inspired design and 7 points of articulation. With 6-inch figures from the world of the Avengers, kids can imagine sending their favourite Super Heroes and Super-Villains into the action of the Marvel Universe! Additional figures sold separately.

Black Panther Claw

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 320+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 4

Black Panther is the warrior King of Wakanda, ready to defend his people and kingdom at all costs. Imagine gearing up for battle as a black panther with the vibranium power FX claw, featuring motion-activated slashing sound effects and lights that activate when the wearer presses the claw against a hard surface.

Infinity Wars Gauntlet

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 520+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 6

When the Mad Titan Thanos wants to take over total control of the galaxy, he sets out on a mission to find the Infinity stones and store them in his impressive, golden Infinity gauntlet. Kids can imagine summoning the power of the Infinity stones and controlling the fate of the galaxy with the Infinity gauntlet electronic fist, including lights and sounds! push the centre button on the fist to light up the centre stone and to activate mighty sound FX! the Infinity gauntlet electronic fist is inspired by the AVENGERS: Infinity War movie and is designed to fit most kid hand sizes.

Spiderman Glove

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 720+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 8

This Spider-Man Hero FX glove lets kids imagine that they are joining the battle against Spider-Man’s enemies as the wall-crawling web-slinger himself! When kids put on the glove, they can trigger the button on the centre of the glove’s palm like Spidey when he triggers his webs. When they push the button, web-slingers-in-training will hear the rapid-fire sounds of web-slinging, battling, and the classic “this” that let villains and criminals know that Spidey is coming, which means that they don’t stand a chance! With the Spider-Man Hero FX glove, kids can imagine what it’s like to be their friendly neighbourhood web-slinger as he takes down the bad guys and battles on the side of justice.

Funko Pop Captain America

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 920+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 10

FUNKO POP! MARVEL: Avengers Infinity War – Captain America – From Avengers Infinity War, Captain America, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko! The figure stands 3 3/4 inches and comes in a window display box. Check out the other Avengers Infinity War figures from Funko! Collect them all!

Spiderman Figure with Web Racer

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 1120+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 12

Your little hero can slam into speedy action with this Spider-Man figure and his Web Racer vehicle! This tough little Web Racer is just the right size for his hands, and the included Spider-Man figure stands on it to race into action! They both work with Action Figure Racing playsets (sold separately) – and the bigger the Action Figure Racing team gets, the more fun there is to have! Give the gift of awesome with this Spider-Man figure and Web Racer vehicle!

Bobble Head Groot

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 1320+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 14

Funko Pop! Vinyl Bobblehead – Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy -Dancing Groot.

Marvel Avengers Edition of Uno

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 1520+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 16

Get ready to unleash your superhero power in the Avengers version of the UNO card game! Classic UNO rules apply, and with the addition of a special rule and 4 corresponding action cards, players get the chance to experience all-new game-changing moments! Stare evil forces in the face with the mighty Avengers Assemble Card, which allows you to block a Draw 2 or Draw 4 card from your opponents! This card also acts as a wildcard so that you can choose the colour that resumes play. Fans of the popular cartoon series and movies will recognize their favourite Avengers characters, like Thor and The Incredible Hulk, who are featured throughout the deck. And do not forget to yell “UNO” when you have one card remaining! Includes 112 cards and instructions.

Captain America Reveal Shield

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 1720+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 18

Captain America fights for battle victory with superhuman strength, agility, and an indestructible shield! he’s America’s first super-soldier, fighting fearlessly on the side of Justice. Kids can imagine what it’s like to battle like Captain America with this blaster reveal shield, which includes 2 launching projectiles! just push down the Star button to watch the shield open, revealing a hidden blaster designed to take enemies down! heroes-in-training can also use the shield as protection, and when they reveal the blaster, they’ll have the ultimate weapon!

I Can Do That Marvel Game

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 1920+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 20

Being a superhero means facing challenges with a can-do attitude! In this game, you will train to be a superhero by performing unexpected feats of skill! At any time you may be called upon to put your training to the test by battling the villainous Green Goblin! Have fun and discover all the new things you can do!

Black Panther Vibranium Power FX Mask by Marvel

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 2120+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 22

Imagine suiting up for battle as Black Panther with the Vibranium Power FX mask, featuring pulsating and fixed light effects and elegant movie design. Press the button on the front of the mask to activate pulsating lights, then press a second time for fixed light.

Stark Tech Armor with Tony Stark Figure

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 2320+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 24

Little Avengers can super-charge their battles with Stark Tech Armor! It comes with Tony Stark and Hulk figures, and the Hulk figure features removable power up arms that snap on and off. Both figures are sized right for little hands and fit in the armour’s cockpit. Kids can imagine helping the armoured Tony Stark keep Hulk under control. Or not! When kids press the Stark Armor’s arc reactor, they can eject the Tony Stark figure and help the Hulk figure take it over! Little ones can use the suit’s claw to grab either figure and spin him around. Will Hulk or Tony Stark be the one in control of the armour? It’s up to your little hero!

Marvel Classic Scale Mr Potato Head Iron Man and Tony Stark

“One of your favourite Marvel Super Heroes becomes a super tater! With all the familiar fun of Mr Potato Head, little hands can mix and mash their favourite Marvel Super Hero parts to create Iron Man tater and his alter ego, Tony Stark tater. It’s easy to build the ultimate defender with a potato body, arms, a helmet, and legs themed around Iron Man’s powers and abilities. Marvel products are produced by Hasbro under license from Marvel Characters B.V. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro. Includes 1 potato body, 1 torso with legs, character helmet, hairpiece, 1 pair of eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands, 1 nose, and 1 mouth. Features: Create Iron Man Tater or Tony Stark Tater Mix up playtime. More sets, more fun. Age from 2 years.

Spiderman Walkie Talkies

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 2520+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 26

The Spiderman walkie talkie design is of course in Spiderman favourite colour Red and features his mask as the walkie talkie. It is suitable for all little heroes and inspiring web slingers as long as they are 3 years old and over. Press the talk button and speak into the front of the mask while the other user listens to the conversation. They are a great way to communicate. Not only is the Spiderman walkie talkie good for hours of fun it’s also great value for money. The walkie talkie comes with a flexible antenna and volume control. The walkie talkies do require batteries 2 x 6LR61/9V, Batteries are not included.

LEGO Infinity War Outrider Dropship Attack

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 2720+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 28

Join Captain America and Black Widows battle to repel the Outriders and save Wakanda with this action-packed LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76101 Outrider Dropship Attack buildable set!

Contains 124 pieces.
Dropship measures over 4 inches (12 cm) high, 2 inches (7 cm) long and 2 inches (6 cm) wide and 1 inch (4 cm) high, 7 inches (19 cm) long and 9 inches (23 cm) with sides folded out.

Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron Iron Man Arc FX Armor

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 2920+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 30

Iron Man uses his top technology to battle evildoers – and now you can too! When it’s time to take on the bad guys, slip on your electronic Iron Man glove and matching non-electric glove to assume your superhero identity. The electronic glove has motion-activated technology and makes power-up, power-down and battle sounds, so you’re ready for a fight all the time. It’s going to be another win for you as your favourite high-tech hero! This is a must-have for Avengers Fans!

Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Spider-Man Web-Quarters

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 3120+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 32

Welcome to the action-packed world of Marvel Super Hero Adventures. Sized right for little hands, the Super Hero Adventures figures and playsets allow young heroes to imagine daring rescues and narrow escapes as they team up with their favourite superheroes. With the Spider-Man Web-Quarters playset, they can pretend to help Spider-Man defeat Vulture.

Marvel Capes and Masks

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 3320+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 34

My-My Dress Up Superhero Costume is the Kid’s favourite superheroes, they are pretending to fly through the air like Superman, imagining to fight crime in Gotham City, or hang upside-down to kiss Mary Jane Watson. Capes are made of double-sided satin. High quality and long-lasting. Velcro neck fastener makes it easy to take on and off.
Masks are made of high quality felt. An elastic band makes the masks adjustable to multiple head sizes.

Dancing Groot

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 1320+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 14

Bring the ultra-groovy style of Guardians of the Galaxy to life with this music-playing, sound-detecting, limb-shaking Dancing Groot! This 11.5-inch Dancing Groot figure plays a clip from the upcoming Guardians of Galaxy Volume 2 movie soundtrack so that when the far-out beat starts to play, Groot can’t help but get those roots in motion! Groot can also detect external music, so when the figure recognizes tunes from a phone, tablet, or other devices, Dancing Groot starts to boogie! When internal or external music is detected, Groot’s eyes light up and Groot starts dancing! Don’t be afraid to join in – just wave those branches…uh, arms… and shake it to the music!

Captain America Drone

Marvel, 2.4GHz transmitter, LED lights, 4.5 channel built-in gyro, multi-dimensional flight capability, a lightweight durable frame, 3-speed modes, easy flight mode, 360° flip stunt mode, 4 main rotors, ready to fly.

Thor’s Hammer Decorative Light

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 3720+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 38

3D FX Marvel Thor Hammer looks amazing breaking through your wall. Apply crack sticker and then attach the hammer. Looks amazing on or off. Safe – Cordless. Never gets hot, uses LED lights so always stay cool to the touch. Lead-free. Easy on/off switch. Looks great on or off. batteries NOT included – need 3 X AA Simple installation.

Funko Groot

20+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 3920+ Marvel Gifts for Kids 40

Funko -Fabrications: Marvel – Groot! Rotating head! Check out the other Fabrications figures from Funko! Collect them all!

Marvel Gifts for Kids

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