10 Unforgettable Ethical Wildlife Vacations for Animal Lovers

“I need to take a vacation!” is a phrase we often use, but how often do we take one? If you are someone who loves wildlife, staying in the city can be quite hard for you. You can witness extraordinary scenes like turtles hatching, find desert treasures, or dolphins swimming alongside!

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Ethical Wildlife Vacations for Animal Lovers

We have used the word ethical because tourism keeps in mind that animals are in no way harmed during their interaction with humans. Visit the National Geographic website for more information. Some of the best ways to spend your vacation money are:

1. Visit Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka

Volunteers for sea turtles in Sri Lanka aim to repopulate the coasts of the country with more sea turtles. In this initiative, volunteers bury the eggs of the turtles deep in the sand to save them from poachers. The volunteers also nurture and take care of the turtles that have come to the shore.

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2. African Wildlife in its Full Glory

This is a trip you need to take if you are an ardent wildlife lover. Some organisations arrange trips through the forests of Africa, where you can witness animals in their natural habitat. You can observe animals closely, and take stunning pictures of the wildlife. 

3. Witness Royalty 

If you love lions, this is your chance to see these majestic creatures from a close distance. This program in Namibia concentrates on nursing lions. You can take care of lions along with trained veterans and help these creatures return to their full glory. 

4. Cambodia Calling You

We all know that elephants are used for safaris as well as for carrying goods in Cambodia. Some organisations have taken an extraordinary initiative to conserve elephants. Travelers can now volunteer with these organizations to make sure elephants are treated ethically and humanely. You can also carry out a Treasure hunt in the Angkor Wat for fun! 

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5. Swim with Sharks

If you want to take a close look at the marine life, Mozambique is the place for you. Sharks may not be on a typical vacation scheme for you, but don’t let the word “shark” scare you. These creatures are peace-loving and do not mind swimming with humans.

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6. Dancing Dolphins

Who doesn’t love dolphins? You can see these adorable creatures dancing and spinning in the waters of the Maldives. Boats will take you to the sea where dolphins swim frequently. You can clap or whistle, and the dolphins will jump out of the water and spin in the air. This is completely ethical as baits are not used, they are not forced to perform.

7. Visiting Valencia 

Valencia is a city in Spain, where you can make the perfect European vacation. You can dive into the ocean or take a tour around the wilderness. You can volunteer for conservation projects where you can monitor turtles, plant trees to prevent wildfires, and work for the general maintenance of animals. 

8. Trek with Orangutans

You can trek with orangutans in their natural habitat. Organizations in Sumatra and Borneo offer ethical trips to jungles to visit orangutans. This is one of the vacations to go to if you love forests. 

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9. Vacation in Falkland

You can see penguins in Falkland, where these birds have outnumbered humans. The visitors are ordered to maintain their distance from the habitats or bird colonies. 

10. Bear in Brasov

You can see brown bears in the bear sanctuary in Brasov. This is completely ethical, and you can visit the bears in their natural habitat.


Depending on the different types of trips, you can decide what to pack for your vacation. Mentioned above are some of the best ways to make the most out of your winter or summer vacation.

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Thomas Quarry is a data scientist, treasure hunter, animal lover, aspiring wildlife photographer, and outdoor fanatic. In between writing and photography, Thomas likes hiking, climbing, camping, or daydreaming. He has been contributing to nature publications for several years and enjoys new writing challenges.

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