055/366 – All grown up . . .

Mummy Matters Our babies grow up so quickly don’t they, one minute you’re nursing them in your arms, the next they are running around ransacking your house and being cheeky little monkeys. Today I took Beanie Boy to the hairdressers to get his hair cut. This wasn’t this first hair cut, he has been there before with Daddy but this was the first time I had taken him.

We went to DC10 in Market Deeping and Beanie Boy was styled by the lovely Roberto who was brilliant with him. When Beanie Boy has been with Daddy he normally sits on Daddy’s knee but I wanted to see if he would sit in the chair my himself and he did. Rob placed a pile of towels on the chair to elevate him and then put a gown over him to keep him clean and he sat soooo well, it was hard to believe it was my little man – he never sits still for more than two minutes, let alone a good 15-20 minutes. Each time he started to lose concentration Rob would give him a different comb or bottle or brush to entertain him and it worked perfectly. Better still, Beanie Boy came out looking super handsome and very grown up!

We finished our day off by collecting Little Bean from school and then collecting Curly from his Nan’s and heading to the park for lots of fun in the fresh air, although it did mess with Beanie Boy’s cool new look!

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