Now Is Good – DVD Review

Now is GoodIn the week’s leading up to my due date I was asked if I would like to review the DVD Now Is Good starring Dakota Fanning as seventeen year old Tessa who has been diagnosed with a terminal illness. Tessa decides that she wants to make the most of her time and so compiles a list of all the things a teenager should experience including losing her virginity, breaking the law and taking drugs. Along with her friend Zoey, Tessa sets out to make her list a reality. She falls in love with her new neighbour Adam, which proves to be the biggest experience of them all.

Before I even took the DVD out of the case I knew this would be an emotional experience, especially at 9 months’ pregnant with hormones raging. Now is Good is The Bucket List meets My Sister’s Keeper set in and around Brighton. Tessa is a headstrong girl who knows her own mind, whilst her estranged Mum and Dad struggle to come to terms with their daughter’s coping mechanisms.

This quality Brit-flick will have the tears rolling down your face whether it be from the funny moments that have you laughing out loud or the heartbreaking final scenes. Just make sure you have a box of tissues at the ready!

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Rated: 12 years and over

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