033/365-2013 – When Jelly Bean met Ella


2013-02-02 Karin and I have been friends since our girls were just 6 weeks old and we attended a baby music class together. Our girls have grown up together and their friendship is still strong despite the fact that they now go to different primary schools. When Beanie Boy was born Ella was so excited, they are like family to us so she loved him like a brother and the same can be said when Karin gave birth to baby Sam. Little Bean was over the moon and loved to give him cuddles.

Last week when I gave birth to Jelly Bean in the early hours of Thursday morning I knew that Karin would want me to text no matter what the time so I did and she was over the moon to hear that he had arrived safely. Karin said that she told Ella as soon as she awoke in the morning and Ella was ecstatic, she even set to work on making a beautiful card for Jelly Bean to welcome him to the world. On Saturday Karin and Ella came to meet Jelly Bean and make the most of newborn baby cuddles. Ella was a little gutted as when they arrived I was in the middle of feeding him so she couldn’t actually see him but as soon as he was finished with his feed, Ella was there with open arms, again, and again, and again. In fact, I think if I had turned my back for a moment she would have snaffled him out of the door given half a chance. Of course she had to compete with Karin who wanted lots of cuddles for herself!!

In between cuddles, Ella and Little Bean made the most of some girlie dressing up time when they discovered Little Bean’s dressing up box in her wardrobe – don’t they look beautiful!?

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