009/365-2013 – Mummy’s little helper!?!

This morning unfolded with a special request from Beanie Boy – he was eager for Mummy to assemble his new Thomas & Friends Track, a thoughtful Christmas gift from Nanny and Grandad. The suggestion for this particular gift had been mine, but little did I realise the complexity of the task at hand, especially with a 2-year-old ‘assistant’ in tow. Assembling the track with Beanie Boy’s ‘help’ was like trying to solve a puzzle during a mini tornado. I gently suggested he might enjoy watching a DVD or engaging with his Leap Pad while I worked, but no, he was adamant about his role as my ‘helper’.

little helper

Helping, in Beanie Boy’s terms, involved standing on the track, mysteriously making pieces disappear, or dismantling sections I had just pieced together. Frustration? Oh yes, Mummy had her share of it! But the sight of his joy when the track was finally complete made it all worthwhile. True, his initial playtime lasted all but a fleeting five minutes, but later in the afternoon, he returned to it for a good 45 minutes of engrossed play. So yes, in the grand scheme of things, it was definitely worth the effort… eventually!

2 thoughts on “009/365-2013 – Mummy’s little helper!?!”

    • lol neither have I!! He is a cutie, although I definitely wouldn’t have called him that this afternoon after a day with only 10 minutes sleep he was a little something else 😉 x

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