006/365-2013 – getting ready

As each new day of the new year passes i am getting ready for our new arrival. Today i took myself into town and got measured for my nursing and sleep bras ready to pack them into my hospital bag.

This evening i have cut off my long nails and filed them into smooth lines because i really don’t want to be scratching my little man the first time i give him a cuddle.

What do you do in preparation for your new arrival?

4 thoughts on “006/365-2013 – getting ready”

    • I never remember my feet, other than making sure they’re not stinky 🙂 I have this fear that the poor midwife stuck between my legs for the labour will think “pooh she’s got stinky feet” – the things that go through our mind 😉

  1. I lost my lovely nails ready for the boys arrival… and two years on they’re still not back… where’s that to do list! Did enjoy getting my bag together (plus the suitcase, and the changing bag…), but loved getting our room ready. Hope you’re making the most of this time. It is so special.

    • I do love planning the nursery, it was different this time because Jelly Bean will be sharing with Beanie Boy but I am really happy with the end result. I must post a picture!

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