Yoshi’s New Island Review

Our first assignment as Nintendo Family Bloggers arrived in the form of a download code for Curly for Yoshi’s New Island. Unfortunately he was on a technology ban at the time but thankfully it didn’t last long and he has since been lost in his Nintendo 2DS and Yoshi’s New Island. Now I could have asked Curly what his thought’s were but as keen 12 year old gamer, Curly is more than capable of writing what he thinks for you himself so I shall hand over to Curly;

Yoshi's New Island

Yoshi’s New Island is a really good game and is very easy to understand. Baby Mario and Baby Luigi are delivered to the wrong house in the miniclip at the beginning of the game. In an attempt to get them to the right place, the stork is ambushed by Baby Bowser’s minions and Baby Luigi is stolen. In the attack, Baby Mario is dropped and saved by the Yoshi clan. The game then progresses through a series of six worlds, collecting smiley flowers whilst bouncing around on beanstalks, dodging lava and the shy guys, collecting eggs, beating bosses, dodging Nep-enuts and trying to save Baby Luigi.

Yoshi’s New Island is a very ‘pastel’ coloured world, Little Bean loves watching me play it and comments on it being  ‘so pretty’. Parts of it look like she has been colouring all over it.

Some very useful things in the game are; the in-game hints, upgrades if you’re stuck and Specials.

First I come to the in-game hints. These come in the form of smiley white boxes, and if you jump whilst underneath them, they will open up in a sort of blackboard, giving you the relative tip.
Next is the upgrades. If you keep dying, then a green tube with a face will appear when you next start the level, shooting out a power up to help you on your way.
Finally, the specials. If you collect all the specials in a level you will get medals at the end of the level. The specials are received by doing mini games and killing  the enemy.

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend getting this game as it is has been great fun to play. Completing the game has probably taken me a couple of weeks but this has only been whilst at my Dad’s house so I haven’t been playing it constantly. I am a fan of all the Mario games and Yoshi’s New Island hasn’t let me down.

DISCLAIMER: We received a free download code for Yoshi’s New Island for the purpose of this post in our role as Nintendo Family Bloggers. All words and opinions are our own and may not be copied without the permission of Mummy Matters. We have not been instructed what to write.

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