Yolanda Montez as Stargirl’s Wildcat

Executive producer Geoff Johns chose an unlikely bunch for his reboot of Stargirl’s Justice Society of America. One of the most unlikely characters is Yolanda Montez, played by Yvette Monreal.

Yolanda Montez as Stargirl's Wildcat

The Character

You first meet Yolanda Montez while she is texting her boyfriend and sending him some rather interesting pictures. These pictures are then shared with the entire school by her rival, Cindy Burman, later known as Shiv. Cindy is a member of the Injustice Society of America and the daughter of its leader.

Yolanda finds herself as a social outcast, only to be befriended by Courtney Whitmore (Stargirl.) This friendship begins to develop in earnest after Henry King, Jr. bullies Yolanda about the pictures. As the bullying continues, Yolanda isolates herself, but Courtney pushes to befriend her.

Ultimately, Yolanda joins Courtney after her own parents blame her for the bullying. This is when Yolanda learns Stargirl’s secret and is offered the position of Wildcat in Courtney’s new superhero group.

Among them all, Yolanda is the most readable character. Although she has plenty of good character traits, she has a few bad ones that may become an issue in future seasons. Like many of the other new Justice Society members, she is bitter about her life and angry.

Wildcat’s Suit

Yolanda becomes Wildcat by putting on the Wildcat costume that previously belonged to the original Wildcat, a man named Ted Grant. The overall design of the suit did not change much from the comic to television. The fabric conforms to her body as she tries it on. The suit is what gives Wildcat her powers.


Wildcat can grow claws out of her fingers when she is wearing the suit. These claws can cut through almost any metal. They are devastating against armour as demonstrated in various battles with the enemy.

Wall Climbing 

Using her claws, she can climb over and around solid surfaces. This allows her to climb up buildings and hang from ceilings when necessary.

Balance and Agility

Keeping with the idea of a cat, the suit enhances some of Yolanda’s natural abilities. The suit makes her as agile as a cat and gives her the ability to balance almost anything.

Cat-like Reflexes

Wildcat’s reflexes are significantly heightened when where the suit. She can catch crossbow bolts and easily dodge attacks.

With these abilities, it is little wonder that she is able to match the Injustice Society’s Tigress in battle.

Yolanda’s Strengths and Weaknesses

She is not without her natural strengths. She is in top physical condition, is an excellent acrobat, and is good at being stealthy. These strengths give her an advantage as Wildcat.

Like any character, she has significant weaknesses that sometimes get her into trouble. For example, she has anger issues, which is little wonder considering how she is treated. The anger fuels her fighting, which makes her charge into situations that she cannot handle.

Wildcat is one of the key characters in the Justice Society of America. You may see more of her during Season 2 of Stargirl.

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