Why Your School Needs a Climbing Frame

Children are in school from the age of four until they are sixteen, and during this time, they develop incredibly quickly – more than they ever will again in their lifetime. During their time at school, they develop academic, social, and life skills, all of which will hold them in good stead as they move into adolescence and adulthood. 

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Part of that daily time at school is out of the classroom and into the playground, having fun and getting in some essential 60 minutes a day of recommended physical exercise. Playtime contributes to a child’s improved mental health, time in nature, social skills building and more. Even better is that you, as an educational institution, can elevate that playtime for your pupils even more. Playground markings, planters, mud kitchens – there are so many additions you can include to help your children enjoy their outdoor educational space and so much more. Of all the available equipment, climbing frames should, without a doubt, be at the top of your list for boosting your playground space. 

Why Your School Needs A Climbing Frame

Of all the high-quality equipment that can be chosen for a playground, climbing frames are a premium choice because they come with so many benefits, including the following: 

A Wide Range Of Designs Available

There is a huge range of designs available of all different sizes, shapes and layouts. This includes designs with tyre swings and slides, nets, climbing walls, bridges and more. They can be as minimal as a low climbing bridge and as elaborate as a complete activity centre – there’s an option to suit every playground. 

Suitable For All Ages

There are professionally made climbing frames to suit all ages, differing in style, design and safety requirements to ensure the best possible fit for the age of the pupils who will use the equipment. 

Professional climbing frame suppliers offer high-quality playground equipment in line with all the relevant laws and guidelines for children’s safety. This means that as well as supplying equipment of different heights and styles to suit various age groups to suit different schools, they also ensure those designs are as safe as possible for the age of the pupils using them. 


Climbing frame suppliers know that the cost of a climbing frame is not a small investment for a school. Even with funding and grants, playground fundraising is tricky, so the resulting purchase has to last. 

With that in mind, trusted suppliers offer durable, long-lasting frames designed to stay in great shape for years. Usually, there is also an opportunity to have the company do regular safety and maintenance checks of the frame in line with current playground health & safety law and guidance. This service can come at an extra cost but is well worth it to ensure compliance. 

Some Are Freestanding

Climbing frame

Specific playground climbing frames are freestanding, which means they may not require tarmacking to be placed. If they require your playground to be surfaced or resurfaced, professional installation will ensure it is done efficiently, safely and with a high-quality finish in mind. 

A Centrepiece For An Outdoor Space

Visually, a climbing frame contributes structure, height, interest and colour to an otherwise plain-looking space. Playground markings, patterns and colour schemes can help. Still, the exciting visual impact of a playground climbing frame is a true centrepiece that can bring an outdoor educational area to life. 

Helps Children Develop Social Skills 

Children play together on climbing frames with shared imaginative play and other games they make up whilst using the equipment. They also have to learn to communicate with other children to navigate past and around other kids while learning to share the equipment and take turns. 

Able To Be Played With By Multiple Children

Climbing frames can usually accommodate more than one child at a time, which means this one piece of equipment can be enjoyed by many pupils every playtime. Of course, every climbing frame is different in a safe capacity, but most of the time, climbing frames do not accommodate only one child. Additionally, where supervisors may need to manage how many children access a piece of equipment at a time, this safety management is much easier when there is one large extensive piece of equipment being used, compared to multiple separate pieces of equipment. 

Encourages Physical Development

Children over the age of 5 should move for an average of 60 minutes a day (intense physical activity), and climbing frames will encourage that movement and get the heart pumping as the pupils run around and engage with the equipment. 

The NHS also recommends that as well as cardiovascular activities, children do exercise that helps develop and strengthen their muscles and bones. As children grip, squeeze, climb, crawl and swing using climbing frames, all the muscle groups are used, and both gross and fine motor skills are used and aided in development. 

Boosts Confidence

Climbing frames are an excellent way for kids to learn to take calculated risks, grow their skills, and push boundaries safely. Every time they play with the climbing frame, they might get up a little faster, climb down or up the netting that’s worried them before, and go to the highest safe platform where they didn’t feel able to before. Kids can assess the risk and push their boundaries safely, gaining new skills and lots and lots of confidence, all with this one piece of equipment. 

Encourages Imaginative Play

Climbing frames encourage children to turn the equipment into anything their imagination comes up with – a storm shelter, a pirate ship, a castle, a snowy mountain – the possibilities are endless. This imaginative play has many important benefits for your pupils, including the ability to help them safely express and explore their feelings and improve their concentration and focus. 

“Do not keep children to their studies by compulsion but by play.” – Plato

So, what are you waiting for? With the right climbing frame, your school playground can be enhanced in many ways, enabling your pupils to get much more out of their outdoor space and playtimes. 

Speak to a professional climbing frame supply and installation company today to find out which incredible climbing frames could work for your school. 

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