Why wait for Pancake Day?!

Pancake Every now and then I stumble across a meal that my fussy eater Little Bean is willing to try and actually ends up loving, pancakes are one such meal that Little Bean dared to try and fell in love with. If she has been a particularly good girl or if I want great behaviour from her I just bribe motivate her with the promise of pancakes and it works. I cook pancakes at least once a week and they are the only meal that I can place in front of Little Bean that I don’t have to nag her to eat AND she asks for more!

I usually cook my pancakes from scratch but last week I was asked if I would like to try out a pancake mix from Aunt Jemima. I have to admit I found the instructions on the pack a little confusing, the box says it makes 10-12 pancakes but the instructions are split into cups of pancake mix and then to add a cup of milk plus oil. I assume that this was so that you could make the pancakes up one by one. I managed to figure it out and was a little dubious as to how the pancakes would turn out because I thought the mixture seemed a little too thick but I couldn’t have been more wrong. The pancakes I usually make are more like crepes, the Aunt Jemima mix was thick but full of air bubbles and so cooked up to be really light and fluffy.

When it came to toppings we all chose something different, I like mine with Mars Ice Cream bars or lemon juice and sugar, Hubby went for cheese (eurgh!!), Little Bean went for Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and Beanie Boy opted for strawberry jam.

With pancake day tomorrow, what will you be having on your pancake?

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