Who Invented Toilet Paper?

Most of us use toilet paper every single day without ever thinking about where it comes from, what the impact is, and who actually created commercially-produced toilet paper. Over the centuries, there have been various methods of self-cleaning from different places and periods of time, although such creativity is rarely applied today. Find out what people did before toilet paper when the invention came around, and what the next innovation is.

Where Did Toilet Paper Come From

Toilet paper

Using paper to do your business can be traced back to ancient China, where large sheets of paper were broken up to wipe. Following that, the Chinese are accredited with making the first refined toilet paper for the Emperor’s family, which was even scented. After, a man by the name of Joseph Gayetty packaged the paper commercially as a means of wiping. His idea was great, but the sheets were too pricey, and people were still widely uncomfortable with purchasing a product to wipe with.

If you think toilet paper is abrasive and uncomfortable nowadays, you should try complaining to those who lived in the 19th century. People. Some years later, more comfortable toilet paper became available, and people began to enjoy the concept of toilet paper as time passed. Today, there are countless brands, products, and variations of toilet paper that nobody has an issue with purchasing.

Before The Days Of Toilet Paper

What did people use before the creation and mass-production of toilet paper? Depending on which culture you examine, there are thousands of answers to that question. Some cultures used clay, leaves, moss, cloth, or even their hand to wipe. Until toilet paper was produced, it was a “use what you have” situation, and hopefully, you had something to use.

It may not be something that we think of daily, but many cultures still don’t use toilet paper. Whether it is due to a lack of accessibility or because of preference, not everyone utilizes paper products for wiping. Is that a bad thing, or are some people onto the next innovation?

TP Is Far From Perfect

Toilet paper

Toilet paper might have come a long way since Joseph Gayetty, but it is still far from perfect. Along with a significant environmental impact, the toilet paper industry keeps you ever-indebted and at their mercy. When supplies run low, people do not know what to do, and you will never stop paying to restock.

Toilet paper is also prone to leave residual material, both organic and from the paper, no matter how much manufacturers improve their design. Even the most gentle toilet paper is more abrasive than a stream of water, which is probably what you should be using anyway.

Cleaning With A Bidet

Has the ultimate solution for wiping been under our noses for centuries? Many individuals would say yes, but that number would only consist of anyone who’s tried a bidet toilet seat. Spray systems have existed for centuries, but have never gained the popularity of toilet paper. The concept started with a basin of water and some splashing, but the usability of these spray systems has improved drastically throughout history.

Nowadays, bidets are the cleanliest, most elegant way to cleanse after you go, and they even include bonus features that make going more enjoyable. With impressive models that boast innovative features like heated seating, auto-closing lids, and massaging functions, bidet toilet seats are the way to go.

Interestingly enough, toilet paper was previously marketed as a way to improve your bowel health, eliminating the risk of haemorrhoids and other issues, but paper products may do the exact opposite of that. While TP can be abrasive and leave traces of matter behind, bidets are gentle, thorough, and can reduce your chance of infection.

It’s Time For You To Make A Switch

Toilet paper

Humans have evolved over the centuries, creating products that save time, improve health, and reduce cost, so why stop with toilet paper when there is a better method out there? Bidet toilet seats can amplify your restroom visits and save you hundreds of dollars. With no monthly toilet paper expenditure, your one-time investment in a spray system will stretch much further. If this article has taught you anything, it’s that bidets are the far superior way to clean, and you are behind the times if you still utilize toilet paper.

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