Who am I? I’m not Jean ValJean . . . {#Blogtober2016}

Oops sorry I couldn’t resist that one. You know those people who hear song lyrics in a conversation and can’t help but break into song and quote the next line, yep that’s me! I love music and pick up song lyrics very quickly so there’s generally something playing along in my head even if there is no music playing near me. One of my favourite things to do is put music on loud and dance around the kitchen with my babies (I love to go out to a club too but I don’t do it as often these days).

Anyway, the reason for this post in case I haven’t totally confused you already is that I am going to attempt to take part in #Blogtober2016. Now I say this in the very loosest of terms because despite my best intentions I usually get distracted somewhere along the way and forget what I am supposed to be doing. The idea behind #Blogtober2016is that bloggers are given a theme /topic to write about every day throughout October and post it on their blog. Todays’ theme to get it kickstarted is “Who am I?”


Soooooo for those of you who don’t already know me, I am Sabina (aka Mummy Matters), married since 2007, step-Mum since 2005, Mummy since 2008 and blogger since 2009.


Despite blogging for all these years I think I am still relatively unknown in the world of blogging because I don’t spend heaps of time on social media quite simply because I don’t have the time. I am a wife and Mum first and foremost so when I do get time online its usually to get caught up with blog posts and emails. I blog because it gives me somewhere to write about my family, somewhere to find help and support I wouldn’t otherwise have access to, somewhere I can be creative and because it has become a job that enables me to be the stay-at-home Mum to my children that I want to be.

I asked a friend recently to give me the honest truth about my blog and she said that she doesn’t always feel it shows the person behind the blog, the funny, fun-loving and outgoing person that I am. I guess that’s because I always put everyone before myself but slowly this year I am starting to pull back tiny little bits of me-time and as Jelly Bean, my youngest son is spending a little more time at preschool I am able to get a little more time to myself so hopefully I will be able to share more of me with you.


I always assume that people won’t know, won’t recognise me and won’t find me that interesting. I don’t have a particular reason for feeling that way because all of the friends that I have are loyal and seem to like my sense of humour. I’m a generally cheerful person with a slightly sarcastic sense of humour. I will always do my best to help anyone and I hate to see anyone sad or in trouble.

I get distracted easily, I start out with great focus but working from home really tests me as I will get up to make a drink and see household chores which need doing. I will think to myself ‘ooh I’ll just pop some washing on’ and an hour later that has lead me into another four or five jobs I didn’t need to be doing there and then! Its something I need to work on and get more organised with as I get more ‘work time’ at home.


After my family my biggest passion is photography. I’m definitely not the best, my photography tends to be a little hit and miss but I do it anyway because i enjoy it and it makes me happy. I love my cameras and update them as often as I can for the best that I can afford.


When it comes to my friends I choose quality over quantity. I only have a few ‘best’ friends, though I am friends with lots of people. Only those closest to me really know all there is to know and I like it that way. I know who I can turn to if I need a shoulder to lean on and likewise they know that I am always here for them.


6 thoughts on “Who am I? I’m not Jean ValJean . . . {#Blogtober2016}”

  1. Funnily enough I’m listening to Les Miserables. Just got to The Confrontation. Has to be the 10th Anniversary cast not the film score (although there’s nothing wrong with it lol). I just heard about Blogtober16 so attempting to catch up between all the other bits I need to get done this week – talk about piling it on haha! Spotify is keeping me company with Les Mis right now. I get distracted far too easily nowadays – like I know there is a pile of washing up in the kitchen that really needs doing – so once I’ve finished this do I go do that, go to bed or keep working? Dilemmas!

  2. Welcome to #Blogtober16 I won’t let you slip away, I will keep nagging at you to get the post written! If I didn’t waffle in my post about random facts over the years, mine would be very similar to yours, in fact I found myself nodding at every part, other than the family set up and the fact that you have blogged 2 years longer than me.
    Getting easily distracted is terrible, both Asa and I work from home and we now take it in turns to do the chores each day whilst the other works, otherwise neither of us would finish anything! I am looking forward to reading all 31 posts xx

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