When kids try dial-up!!

Have you ever considered what your children would think to the sound of dial-up? It’s been a long time since we’ve heard that sound ourselves. I remember watching the film ‘The Proposal’ with Sandra Bullock when she asked “What’s that noise?” as the computer was dialling-up to the internet.

Way back at the start of the Summer holidays, the Beans and I had a very enjoyable trip to London just the four of us. We had been invited to spend the afternoon with BT who wanted to run a little experiment on a few children to see what they thought of ‘Dial-Up’ Internet. Obviously I couldn’t explain to the Beans what was happening, I just told them we were going to see some of Mummy’s friends who were going to play them a noise to see how they reacted to it. Little Bean was completely up for the challenge, Beanie Boy was a little more apprehensive but said that he would do it if Little Bean could stay with him.

London with kids

I love this video because it gets their completely natural reactions to something they would never have heard before, even I had forgotten what a horrid noise dial-up is now that we have the luxury of Wifi. The Beans still don’t ‘get’ what the noise is even though I have explained it to them time and time again, what they have decided is that they really don’t like it and I don’t blame them.

London with kids

Whilst Little Bean and Beanie Boy were off thinking about Robots and Airplanes with faulty controls (heaven forbid!!), Jelly Bean and I were enjoying a yummy lunch in a room across the hall, watching the Airplanes fly by the window and playing ball – as you do! Afterwards the Beans and I enjoyed a leisurely walk through London and stopped off for some fun in the park before beginning our train ride home. To say that the Summer holidays were stressful, this was perhaps one of our most relaxing days, the Beans were in really good spirits, their behaviour was impeccable and we ALL came home with big smiles on our faces so thank you BT!!

London with kids

DISCLAIMER: Our travel was paid for and lunch provided. The children each received a small goody bag for their time. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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