When Is the Best Time for Home Renovation?

If you think that the best time for the home renovation is when you have a budget for it, you would be partially right. Although the extent of works done on your home will depend on your budget, you will also need to plan them according to the climate and weather conditions outside. While some works can be done throughout the year, others will require dry and sunny weather or show better results in the cold winter.

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Therefore, if you are wondering when to do certain home renovations, here are the most popular ones you should definitely time with respect to the weather.

1. Wait for summer to remodel your interior

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Kitchen remodelling or bathroom renovations are serious works that will increase the value of your home and make your life more comfortable. The best time to do these renovations is during the summer because the weather is nice and you can also spend time outside the house like on a vacation for the duration of the works. Nonetheless, keep in mind that this means that you will have to plan the remodelling and book your remodelers early because of their busy schedule at this time of the year.

However, if you live in an area where the winters are mild, you should do the remodelling when you have the time and money. Winter may be ideal for interior home renovations since materials are less expensive and the business is slower for remodelers.

2. Exterior works will depend both on the type and weather

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You probably think that all exterior works are best done in the summer, but actually, that is not the case with a certain types of renovations. If you want to build a deck, then the best time for that is in the winter because of the pressure-treated wood used for construction. This material stabilizes when the humidity is low and can easily crack when exposed to the sun, although you should avoid periods of rain and snow.

On the other hand, painting the deck and fence is best done in spring, summer or fall and the same applies to façade, windows, and doors. Exterior works of this type require really warm weather of at least 95°F (35°C) in order to take, and sometimes they can get delayed if the temperature drops.

3. Paint your home when the weather is dry

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Painting your home depends on where you live and what kind of weather is dominant in your region. For example, residential painting in Sydney is best done in the winter because the weather is dry and warm, unlike the humid and hot summer which is characteristic of Australia. The same applies if you live in France or the Midwest of the USA when the winters can be harsh and very cold and indoor spaces are heated.

Humidity can prolong the drying process and cause the paint to dry unevenly, thus affecting the quality of the end result, so choose the driest month to give your walls a makeover.

4. Roof and gutter replacement should be done before the fall

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The best time to replace the roof and gutters is in the late spring and during the summer when the rainfall is the lowest. Icy roof and frozen water in the gutters will create dangerous conditions for any kind of updates and repairs. But this also means that contractors will be really busy during the repair season so make sure you schedule the replacement one to two months in advance.

Unlike the roof, gutters will require maintenance at least twice a year – during early spring and in the fall to free them from debris which can cause cracks and holes.


When planning for home renovation, take the climate into consideration as well since weather conditions heavily affect the quality of works and the availability of contractors. While summer may seem like an ideal time due to nice weather, some works actually show better results if done in the winter. So, consult with your contractor before setting the date and see when is the best time to start with your renovations.

When is the best time for home renovation?

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