What’s your ‘Once in a Lifetime’?

If you had the money to do anything your heart desired, what would it be? Would you open your own business? Travel around the world? Learn a new skill?

If we had the money, our ‘Once in a Lifetime’ would be to take our four children to visit Orlando. It’s something we have talked about often because we are sure that with four children it would be a magical experience. Seeing the delight and wonder on their faces as they take in their surroundings would be priceless but it’s something that we feel would be out of our reach as it could never be classed as a ‘budget holiday’. I remember see the ads on TV when I was a child and thinking to myself ‘it’s magic’ and I have read many a blog or seen others photos on Facebook of their trips to Seaworld Orlando, Universal Studios or Disney’s Hollywood Studios to name just a few.

When planning your ‘once in a lifetime’ trip, you want to make sure that you do it all to the best that your money can buy so that you don’t come home thinking “oh I wish we had done this or that”, your trip needs to be that place in your mind that you find yourself drifting off to in the middle of the day with a huge silly grin spread across your face or the topic that starts around the dining table with “do you remember when we visited Orlando . . . ” for years to come.

If we were planning our ‘Once in a Lifetime’ trip we would . . .

Go swimming with the dolphins at Discovery Cove

Meet Anna and Elsa from Frozen at the Norway Pavillion and . . .

Little blonde boy wields a light saber at Darth Vader during Jedi training

join the Jedi Training Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Sculpture of a blue globe and rocket ship that are part of the Mission: SPACE logo at Epcot

Take a journey through space at Epcot

Have a day of wonder at SeaWorld Orlando

And that’s just in the first week of the holiday, imagine what we could do in three weeks!!! Hey a Mummy can dream can’t she? But until that lottery win, huge tax rebate or mysterious benefactor gets in touch you could always look into everyday loans to make that dream come true!

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