What is CBD, and how can it help us?

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a substance that is often used for wellness. According to experts, you can improve various metabolic processes by using this product daily.

Depending on the product, CBD can address internal or external issues. Furthermore, it can even be used if you’re not sick; cannabidiol can harmonise processes within a body, thus improving your overall health and well-being.

CBD often comes in the form of an oil, but it can also be placed in various other items. For example, you can use it for a CBD salve recipe or put it in hemp gummies, capsules, and even CBD roll-on sticks!

In this article, we will talk about CBD, its benefits, and potential safety issues.

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What is CBD?

What is CBD, and how can it help us? 1
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CBD or cannabidiol is a cannabinoid that is naturally occurring in hemp. It can also be found in some other plants (flowers, to be precise), but it has the highest concentration within the hemp plant.

Once CBD is introduced into the body, it can stimulate receptors within the endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for numerous processes, such as sleep, mood, appetite, reproduction, regeneration, protection, etc.

Although the emphasis is often placed on CBD, many other cannabinoids within the plant can help our internal processes.

Oftentimes, you will see additional chemical compounds like CBG, CBN, CBC, THC, etc. There is also a plethora of vitamins, minerals, terpenes, flavonoids, and so on.

Because of this abundance of substances, CBD products can create the so-called “entourage effect.” In other words, when all these cannabinoids are used together, they can create a much more potent impact on our bodies than if you were to use them individually.

Is CBD safe?

CBD is generally viewed as a safe substance. It usually doesn’t cause any side effects, and if it does, they are mild in nature.

For example, it can cause problems such as dizziness, dry mouth, change in appetite, pressure, skin irritations (if used topically), etc.

One of the things that most people are worried about is the fact CBD products usually contain THC. This substance can also be found in marijuana, and it is the main reason you would get high when consuming this plant.

Luckily, CBD products are made from hemp, which doesn’t have that much THC. Most CBD products in the US have up to 0.3% THC, which isn’t enough to get you high.

What are the potential benefits of CBD products?

What is CBD, and how can it help us? 2
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There are a lot of reasons why you should use CBD products.

They are mainly viewed as wellness substances. There is only one CBD drug on the market (Epidiolex), but there are some indications that there will be much more of them in the upcoming years. Hemp has unlimited possibilities, and it is only a matter of time until scientists find ways to unlock its full potential.

In terms of expected benefits, there are lots of different things you can expect. For example, you can expect improvements in your appetite, mood, energy, sleep, regeneration, etc. You won’t have any issues with drug tests as CBD doesn’t stay in your system for too long.

Most people use it for the reduction of physical discomfort and the improvement of the skin. Because of that, the hemp plant also has the potential as an ingredient for cosmetic products.

Keep in mind that CBD products will provide a different level of improvement to different people. Some users will feel minor benefits, while others will have a major boost to their health and wellbeing.

The CBD market is still not that controlled, which means there might be some discrepancy between product qualities, ingredients, and potency.

Where to buy the best CBD products?

There are a lot of stores in the US that sell CBD. Nowadays, these products are even being sold by major wholesale chains. But, there are big differences between cannabidiol items and manufacturers.

Here are some of the things you need to look out for when making a purchasing decision:

  • Always prioritise reputable companies and stores that have been in the business for a while. They have much better know-how and are less likely to sell you the subpar item.
  • Make sure to buy from stores that have a lot of different items at their disposal. That way, you can fulfil all your needs in one place.
  • Lastly, buy from cannabis stores that have the highest ethical standards.
What is CBD, and how can it help us? 3

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