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The ultimate CBD skincare routine guide for people with oily skin

At the mention of CBD or anything remotely related to cannabis, the first image people conjure is of someone smoking a blunt or taking a dab from a bong or a toke from a vape pen and getting high. But there is so much more to benefit from this incredible plant. There are many people quite prejudiced towards CBD, but that is about to change when you discover a vast range of benefits you can get from it.

What is CBD?


CBD is simply an abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is a chemical compound found and derived from different cannabis plants and strains, including hybrid strains.

CBD is purely natural and occurs so. It can be beneficial for a lot of things. One of its most important uses is in the beauty and wellness industry as an active ingredient in many private label cbd skin care products. These range from creams and sprays to balms and soaps, all designed to alleviate persistent skin problems.

Can CBD Get Me High?

The answer is no, and this is why the cannabis plant is truly one of the most exotic and wondrous plants. The plant has two chemicals, CBD and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). THC is the cannabinoid in cannabis that is responsible for the high sensation the plant is famous for. Whilst that appeals to some people (who may want to try these new trendy candies), others do not want to experience that. CBD, on the other hand, does not accommodate marijuana THC’s mind-altering properties. Since CBD comes from the leaves, stalks stems, and flowers of a hemp plant, its THC content is remarkably low, which in turn gives calm sensations instead of getting you high. 

CBD Skincare Routine

It’s essential to know that CBD is not similar to hemp seed oil, which is considered a beneficial ingredient for the skin. Even though both of them are marketed in a parallel way, CBD oil happens to have a rich concentration of cannabinoids, which affects the skin in several beneficial ways. But CBD is a separate compound, and it is not as obvious or strong as THC as it is not psychoactive, so it will not get you high. Instead, it would interact with the body system in the most natural and calming way, and it improves body functionality and is a significant relaxer and nerve calmer. You can read more at Herbonaut about the benefits of CBD.

Let’s do a quick rundown of some of the vital benefits:

1. Helps in regulating oil production

CBD skincare

Oily skins are prone to inflammation like acne and a lot of other stringent skin conditions. Countless studies have shown that CBD oil is a natural anti-inflammatory oil that can be used for the skin. CBD tends to interact with ECS or the endocannabinoid system that’s found in the body and helps in regulating these systems. Besides, some early pieces of evidence suggest that CBD may help in regulating sebum production, which, as a result, reduces oily skin tendencies.

When you find your body’s ideal CBD product and use it regularly, the outcome can help people in tackling chronic acne.

The effectiveness of this oil cannot be emphasized enough, and it has all been tested and proven. If you have been battling with issues like acne and skin rashes, it’s fantastic to know that CBD can provide a solution to this problem.

2.     Can help acne-prone skin

Since multiple factors are responsible for triggering acne, we do know that whenever something or the other is applied on the skin, which soothes inflammation, it’ll lead to the reduction of skin breakouts and influence acne-related redness.

Since CBD oil has anti-inflammatory benefits, it makes CBD a suitable ingredient for acne and helps the reactive skin look and feel better. Speaking of which, CBD also helps with the healing of cells and, in the process, helps the body fight off dangerous pathogens. Those with extremely oily skin can also go with edible sources of CBD instead of topically, as these CBD pills are the best for treating acne while reducing sebum production.

Finding the Best CBD Skin Care Product

CBD Skincare

With several CBD products available for skin care, you need to be aware of what exactly to look for to find the best. When you go out shopping, make sure the product’s ingredient list has cannabidiol on it. Nearly all the brands selling CBD products for skin enlist the total content of cannabidiol in milligrams and on a per-use basis as well. Always check if the brand whose product you’re purchasing provides a third-party certification, come what may. Doing this would assure you of the purity and the right amount of content. Alternatively, you can also go for Weed Edibles, which gives you a similar effect.

Always go on the lookout for CBD skin care products that come in stable packaging. Moreover, the packaging should not be transparent, or else CBD will lose its effectiveness after coming in contact with direct light.

Final Thoughts

If you’re facing difficulties in finding CBD products you can incorporate into your skincare regime, try going for CBD bath bombs, CBD oil, CBD balms, or CBD creams.

The truth is contrary to the prejudice against marijuana. CBD does have a lot of uses and benefits for the human skin. It is an affordable and great way to keep your skin and body healthy.

If extracted with the right materials and with the correct procedure followed in manufacturing the products, it can be beneficial to invest in such CBD products.

The ultimate CBD skincare routine for people with oily skin

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