What happens if you ignore your car’s service schedule?

We’ve all been there. The car’s due in for its service but an unexpected bill crops up so the service gets put off until next month. Then something else pops up and before you know it another year has passed.

Servicing, unlike an annual MOT, isn’t compulsory so this cycle can continue for years. But what’s the harm? Your car is still running fine and it passed its MOT so why should you prioritise your car’s service?

When you take your car to be serviced a comprehensive inspection of the vehicle is made, whereas at your car’s annual MOT only specific areas are looked at. During a service mechanics will check vital parts for signs of damage and wear to ensure that they are safe and continue to work at their best. They also carry out oil & oil filter replacement to help keep your engine at peak performance and will top up vital fluids like your brake fluid.

Whilst you may not see the need to prioritise your car’s service, not maintaining your service schedule can result in a number of problems cropping up which are highlighted in the handy infographic below from Stoneacre.



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