What does your Wardrobe say about you?

I would actually cringe if most people took a look inside my wardrobes. I have mountains of clothes but in reality I probably wear less than 50% of what I own. When I go out shopping for new clothes, I rarely go with a plan in my mind of what I am looking for, I just browse and buy things because I like them. I don’t always consider whether I have anything at home that they will go with, I love a good bargain and I like lots of colour.


We have four large double wardrobes in our bedroom, three of them are mind and one of them is double hanging. Along the tops of the wardrobes are large white storage boxes I bought for Ikea so that I can put one season’s clothing out of the way to make space in the wardrobe for everything else. I have joked in the past that I would like Gok Wan to come and have a clearout of my clothing but honestly, I would!!!! Hubby is generally quite good at selecting outfits for me as I tend to stick to what I know on a daily basis, only picking special outfits for special occasions but I don’t think I always dress to my best advantage. It’s daft really because when I do dress well I feel so much more confident, I walk taller and I feel like I ‘glow’ from within.

I took this quick quiz on Qzzr by Bedroom Storage Maker and it was pretty accurate in it’s description of me . . .

This dresser is independent and free willed. You know what items you like and dislike but take no time to decide what co-ordinates. You wear what’s clean, comfortable and you like at the moment even if it means it’s mis-matched or out of season. Because of your confidence in your likes and dislikes your fashion style is effortless and individual.


Tip for 2016: The great thing about a Free Style Dresser is you never waste purchases, you buy things because you like them not because they go with your wardrobe. Beware that others may think you are a little disorganised or hap-hazard in your dress. If you have an important event or want to make a good impression at work double think some outfits and what matches or is appropriate for the setting.



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